Coach account

In the coach account you can:

  • register one or more teams, enter and change the team data and download the invoice in the section "My teams"
  • discover the team manual and other tips and tricks in the section "My Coach Documents"

Information on team registration:

  • The team registration for the 2020/21 season is open from 20 April to 18 October 2020.
  • Information and requirements for participation can be found here.
  • A  coach can register several teams, but only in one and the same tournament region.
  • A list of all tournaments can be found here.


No FIRST® LEGO® League account yet? Register as a coach. After registration you will receive a confirmation link by email. Please click this link to confirm your email address. Afterwards you can register one or more teams.

Already registered as as FIRST® LEGO® League Junior Coach? Send an email to Your existing FIRST® LEGO® League Junior account will be activated for the  FIRST® LEGO® League area.

regional partner account

All  regional partners, will receive access to the regional partner account. Here you will find materials and documents relevant to the organisation of the tournament. If you do not yet have access data, please send an email to