Our drive is
passion for STEM

The FIRST LEGO League educational program is the result of a cooperation between the American educational institution FIRST and the Danish toy manufacturer LEGO. In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the non-profit association HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. organizes the educational program. Since our founding in 2002, we have been working successfully in the STEM education field, organizing research and robotics competitions for children and young people. We not only want to teach them technical skills - we also empower them to use technology in a meaningful way, to think independently, to communicate ideas, and to live a good life together.

The association was founded in 2002 in Leipzig and celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022. The association consists of active and regular members as well as honorary members. In addition to the 30 volunteer members, the association has a large network of partners and volunteers who support the association and the respective projects with their work. If you want to get involved or become a member, please contact us: info@hands-on-technology.org or visit the association's website: www.hands-on-technology.org.

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The Team

Our office is located in Leipzig. There, many  hands work year-round to implement the educational programs and coordinate regional partners and volunteers, communicate with teams, write grants, develop new concepts, plan events, solicit funds, create documents and invoices, pack packages, fill websites and social media channels to make sure the programs work well for you and the season is successful. Currently, our team has 11 employees. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Martin Anton
Project Assistant FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Niklas Genz
FIRST LEGO League Challenge Project Assistant

Kristina Hagen
Funding and cooperations

Andrea Kaden
Project Manager FIRST LEGO League Explore

Anne Lehmann
Project Assistant FIRST LEGO League

Karen Lemme
on parental leave

Elsie Queiser
Backoffice & Logistics, Marketing

Joseph Rothmaler
Project Manager FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Stefanie Sieber
Managing Director

Susanne Voigt
Managing Director

Partnering for education and innovation! We cooperate with companies, foundations and ministries.