for FLL Coaches and Regional Partners

New as an FLL Coach?
Register your e-mail address to get access data. Registration for FLL Coaches and teams open from April 8th (4 pm) to October 13th 2019.

Already involved as FLL Coach? As soon as you're a registered FLL Coach for Central Europe you can login with your user name/password and edit your team data, download your invoice or find further tips & tricks how to prepare properly for FLL tournaments.

If you are offcial FLL Regional Partner you get access to a hidden area with necessary ressources and documents for organizing FLL Tournaments. Get in touch with info@hands-on-technology.org if you want to access the FLL Regional Partner Platform.

Registration Requirements FLL Central Europe

The most important requirements for the registration to an FLL tournament are summed up:

  • an FLL Team with 2 to 10 members between 9 and 16 years (deadline: January 1st, 2018)
  • an adult FLL Coach
  • an LMS Robot Set
  • funding for FLL Registration fee and Challenge set

Further details about participation and ressources for coaches for proper tournament preparation can be found in the general facts.

The online registration für the tournament season FLL 2018/19 is going to start on April 9th, 2018 and will end on October 21st, 2018. FLL Coaches have to go through a two-stage registration process on the FLL Coach-Login website:

  • registration of an e-mail address to get access data or login with existing access data
  • subscribe a team for an FLL Regional Tournament

Please note, an FLL Coach can subscribe several teams but only in the same FLL Regional Tournament. See a list of all tournaments here.