What is FLL?

For anybody who has not yet had the opportunity to see FLL live, we gathered a lot of information here.

What is FLL?

FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) is a program that supports children and youngsters in order to introduce them to science and technology in a sporty atmosphere.

The objective is to:

  • make children and youngsters enthusiastic about science and technology
  • to equip the participants with the idea of team spirit
  • to encourage children and youngsters to solve complex tasks in a creative way

The basis of FLL is a robotics tournament in a cheerful atmosphere, where kids and youngsters need to solve a tricky “mission” with the help of a robot. The kids are researching a given topic within a team, they are planning programming and testing an autonomous robot to solve the mission. The FLL Teams take the opportunity to experience all steps of a real product development process: solving a problem under time pressure with insufficient resources and unknown competitors. FLL is a small microcosmos of real business life in all its respects.

How does a FLL Tournament work?

The FLL Teams are working on the missions of the FLL Robot Game and the presentation of the FLL Research Project. The topic of the challenge changes every year and refers to current developments and situations in the world. The challenge documents and neccessary information according the tournament are announced online exclusively. When preparing for the FLL Regional Tournament each FLL Team is guided by its FLL Coach. During the preparational period the team constructs and programs as well as it is learning how to find and analyse information and prepare a presentation of their research results, which will be presented to the FLL Jury on the tournament day. There are no limits for presenting to keep up the fun factor: poems, songs, plays – whatever fantasy can imagine!

FLL Robot Game

Ahead of the FLL tournaments student teams develop their individual robot based on the LEGO Mindstorms® system (RCX, NXT, EV3). The robots designed and programmed by the teams are supposed to solve autonously a set of missions. At the competition each team got of 2 1/2 minutes (150 seconds) to manage as many missions as possible on the approx. 3,5 m2 FLL Playing Field with models made from LEGO bricks. Referees evaluate the Robot Game matches and take a look into the rules and regulations.

The teams can order an FLL Playing Field with the registration to practice and prepare as good as possible. On the trournament day each team will get at least three runs from which only the best will be counted. More about the FLL Robot Game ...

FLL Research Project

Besides buidling a robot each teams is supposed to choose a project connected to the yearly topic they would like to research. Teams research and analyze a problem, find a research question, take into account what “real” scientists and experts found ot, develop an innovative solution and share their findings with others. 

On the tournament day the present their research findings to the research judges. The presentation can be happening in different ways – creativity and fun should not be missed out on. Find out more about the FLL Research Project ...


The excact dates for the FLL Kick-Off and the FLL Tournaments can be found in the seasonal schedule.

FLL Core Values

The Core Values are the heart of FIRST LEGO League. They describe a way of working together and respecting each other.

  • We are a team.
  • We do the work to find solutions with guidance from our coaches and mentors.
  • We know our coaches and mentors don't have all the answers; we learn together.
  • We honor the spirit of friendly competition.
  • What we discover is more important than what we win.
  • We share our experiences with others
  • We display Gracious Professionalism® and Coopertition® in everything we do.
  • We have FUN!

Gracious Professionalism® means teams compete against challenges but appreciate and treat each other with respect. Gracious professionals lenda helpi ng hand to an opponent when needed because they want everyone to have a chance to compete. Even when a team wins the competition, they avoid treating anyone like losers.

Coopertition® combines the concepts of cooperation and competition. Coopertition is founded on the philosophy that teams can (and should!) cooperate with each other even as they compete. Once you have mastered a skill, you teach it to someone else so that everyone can do better next time. You still do your best to win, just not at the other team’s expense.

Outline of FLL

Short documentation of the international robotics competition FIRST® LEGO® League. What is FLL? Who is organizing the tournament? Where can FLL be found?

FLL Comic

For interesseted readers and new FLL Teams:  The FLL Comic shows all steps of the preparation period for a FLL tournament.