To take part succesfully in FIRST® LEGO® League Tournaments you need the following

FLL Team & Coach

A team counts 2 to 10 children working on the robot and research project together. The new age regulation states:  Members must be at least 9 and a maximum of 16 years old (NEW: the age limit is determined at the first of January of the year when the missions are published).

The Coach (minimum age 18) is responsible in all fields of organization. He or she is allowed to register a team (or more than a team) and to order FLL materials. One coach can register several but teams but they have to participate in the same tournament region. Besides that he or she takes care of the team before and during the tournament day. The coach is not programming or researching himself but helping the team to find it´s own solutions.

FLL Robot-Set

To construct and program the robot, an FLL Robot Set is needed. All FLL Τeams should have the same conditions, therefore everyone hasto use LEGO Mindstorms (LMS). In FLL the following LMS systems are allowed: the LEGO Mindstorms RCX, NXT and the new EV3 system. All systems and versions of LMS are permitted. The lists below shows the number of electronic parts included in the sets and the permitted software versions. If you would like to order a robot set please contact an official LMS dealer.

accepted parts RCX-User NXT-User EV3-User
RCX brick 1
NXT brick 1
EV3 brick 1
interface Infrarot USB USB
motors 3 3 4
light sensors 2 2 2
color light sensors NXT-sensors EV3-sensors
touch sensors 2 2 2
rotation sensors (max. 3 exem. minus number of NXT motors) 3 built in motor built in motor
LEGO lamp 1 1
plus one more touch- or light sensor 1
connectors unlimited unlimited unlimited
R6-batteries 6 6 6
accumulator 1 1
gyrosensor 1
ultrasonic sensor 1 1
permitted Software RCX-User NXT-User EV3-User
RIS 1.0 x
RIS 1.5 x
RIS 2.0 x
ROBOLAB 2.9 x x
MINDSTORMS EV3 Software x x

Funds needed & Team sponsoring

Taking part in FLL may cause the teams the following expenses:

  • 137,00 € FLL Participation fee. A part of this amount goes to the individual FLL Regional Partner as a support for organizing the regional tournament. The rest of the money is needed to cover expenses for awards, medals and certificates handed out on the tournament day.
  • 129,00 € FLL Challenge Set (optional)

Costs for packaging and shipping

For packaging and shipping of the materials (FLL Challenge Set) is payable as follows:

Costs Packaging Shipping
Germany (D) 4,00 € 8,00 €
EU countries 4,00 € 19,00 €
non EU countries 4,00 € 33,00 €

Each FLL Team has the possibility to find sponsors and get in contact with companies. A sponsor may help the team with small tasks as for example printing T-shirts for all members or might pay the expenses for travelling and further more.

FLL Challenge Set & Tournament Table

At official tournaments the Robot Game is happening on the so called FLL Challenge Set. The FLL Challenge Set consist of the rollable playing field mat and an assortment of LEGO bricks which the teams can order during the registration process. It is recommended for a proper preparation. To prepare for a tournament the FLL Teams may set up their FLL Challenge Set:

  • on the floor
  • on a self-built FLL Competition Table

The FLL Competition Table corresponds with the measurements of the field mat (approx. 236 cm × 114 cm) and the playing field are supposed to have a black border. Since 2009 a fixed light on the table is optional – at some tournaments it is used at some not (ask your local organiser for details).

Building your own FLL Competition Table is quite simple with our building instructions below – just decide for one version (foldable or inflexible) and start building.

Time required

The FLL Missions are announced each year in Augsust. After challenge kickoff teams get at least 10 weeks to build, construct and program the robot and to prepare their solutions for the FLL Research Project. Additionally there is one day needed (between November–January) to take part in a FLL Regional Tournament, where the teams and their robots step into competition with other participants and present their knowledge about the FLL Research Project to a jury. See yearly schedule for details.

FLL Coach Checklist

The tasks of an FLL Coach are numerous. What are the crucial todos during the preparation and within the FLL Season? Please find a fact sheet with many important tasks to check.


Teams can participate in FIRST LEGO League at one of a 72 locations in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. Find an overview of all locations in the map below.

FLL Registration

The online registration for the tournament season FLL 2018/19 starts on April 9th and closes on Oct 21th, 2018. New team coaches need to proceed a two step registration process: registration of their e-mail address and subscription for teams to a FLL Regional Tournament.

Requirements for registration are summed up: an FLL Team with 2 to 10 members between 9 and 16, an adult FLL Coach, an LMS Robot Set, funding for FLL Registration fee and Challenge set.

To register please go to the FLL Coach-Login. Please note, an FLL Coach can subscribe several teams but only in the same FLL Regional Tournament. A list of all tournaments can be found here.

The conditions of the competition can be found in the subscription form for team registration and can be read here.


Ressources & Conference Calls

Especially for new teams getting into the challenge is sometimes difficult. Therefore we offer different services for registered FLL Coaches. Take a look into them and see how you can use them for your team and the tournament preparation. You can find a lot of interesting information here and in the FLL Coach Login after the team registration. 

FLL Conference Calls

The whole FLL Season is accompanied by conference calls where we explain the focus topics of the challenge. The dates of the conferences are published here and in our newsletter. If you are interested to take part in the German session please send us an email to If there are enough participants we will offer a English call as well. The overview of topics and dates can be seen below. If you can not take part – recordings will be published in the FLL Coach Login:

Topics Dates
New in the FLL Challenge? How do I start a team ...
(only in German)
14 June 2018, 4-5 pm
Introduction Robot Game "INTO ORBIT" + FAQ
(only in German)
9 August 2018, 4-5pm
Pimp My Robot (only in German) Recording:


Companies mentor FLL Teams

There is the opportunity for companies to become mentors for FLL Teams.

As it is essential for the FLL Reseach Project to get the support of experts, this is an option for companies to become a mentor for FLL Teams and support the Teams with finding answers to reseach questions. If companies express their willingness, they can also guide the teams during the FLL Robot Game.

Both the teams and the companies benefit from the mutual exchange.

For the companies it's a great opportunity to promote young talents and spread knowledge, so they can get the youth excited about their working fields. The advantage for the FLL Teams is, that they can experience the working atmosphere of really existing companies next to the more theoretical and playful ideas while they are working on their projects.

FLL Teams mentor FLL Junior Teams

It's a special concern for us to engage and enlargen the exchange between FLL and FLL Jr. Teams. That's why we are always happy to welcome new FLL Jr. mentors on board!

As a mentor for FLL Jr. teams the FLL members can gain a lot for themselves. They can widen and consolidate their knowledge by sharing it with the younger teams. Furthermore FLL members can develop leadership qualities and other soft skills like the capacity for team- and organisational work. When a mentoring programm is conducted, both sides profit from it: the FLL Jr. teams and the FLL teams!

If you want to attend the FLL Jr. mentor's programm, please tick the fitting box when you register your team on our website. You will receive further information via mail afterwards.