Terms of Participation Explore Class 2024/25


By registering your class, you as the class coach agree with having read the following terms of participation and follow them. You are responsible to forward the terms of participation to all students/children, if necessary, co-coaches, mentors as well as to further persons involved in the class.


Each class must appoint at least one adult coach (min. 18 years). She/he is in charge of the class and co-coaches during the whole season.

For the communication with the FIRST LEGO League Organization (HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V.) the coach must indicate a valid email address which will be used to provide all important information according to the program.

The coach guides the class throughout the entire season (from class registration to the final internal school event). If there is a change and another coach is taking over the coach position, HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. must be informed within the next 5 working days. To take over an existing class the new coach needs to confirm the terms of participation as well. If the coach does not dissent with the terms of participation within 5 working days after taking over the class the terms are considered to be accepted.

The coach can get support and advice from other co-coaches. Adult co-coaches can create their own coaches account and then have you link them to the team (see menu item "Register co-coach" in the account). They will then have full access to the team data and automatically receive the season updates with all relevant information about the educational programme.

Underage co-coaches cannot create their own coaches account for youth protection reasons, but can accompany and support the team during the meetings and the tournament. As a coach, you can manually link underage co-coaches to the team (see menu item "Register co-coach" in the account).

In order to ensure the well-being of the participating children, HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. reserves the right to obtain a current extended certificate of good conduct from coaches, regional partners and mentors.


Each class that wants to participate in FIRST LEGO League Explore In the Classroom must be registered online by the coach at HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e. V. in the coach account. It may consist of a maximum of 30 children between the ages of 6 and 10.

If more than 30 children per coach wish to participate, an additional class must be registered.

The assigned class number must be used for each correspondence with HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. – that includes bank transferal and address specifications. If there are delays in the logistics process (e.g., due to a payment receipt that cannot be allocated), HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. may charge extra costs to the class.


After registration, each class will receive an invoice for the participation fee and the costs for the materials (detailed costs: see price list in the appendix). Classes that receive funding will receive a funding code prior to registration, which they enter during the registration process. Classes whose participation costs have already been paid are not eligible for funding.

The timely receipt of payment by HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. is a requirement for participation in FIRST LEGO League Explore In the classroom and the shipping of the materials.

Class registration fees and fees for the materials are non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this process regardless of reason.


All material will be sent to the specified delivery address from the end of July/beginning of August of the current season (only if the invoice is paid).

If the packages cannot be delivered (e.g., due to vacations, wrong address, etc.), HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. is entitled to charge for the reshipment.


HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. must be informed as soon as possible if a class cannot take part in the program. In case of deregistration no costs can be refunded.

HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. is entitled to exclude classes from FIRST LEGO League Explore In the classroom due to significant reasons (e.g., a serious coach intervention in the class’s work). Already paid registration fees will be withheld.

Price list

The following costs will be invoiced when participating in FIRST LEGO League Explore In the classroom (per class):

  • Participation Fee: 200,00 Euro
  • Material (Explore Sets, handbooks, certificates, medals): 305,00 Euro
  • Packaging and Postage: Germany 45,00 Euro, Austria 84,00 Euro, Switzerland 113,00 Euro

Total costs:

  • Germany: 550,00 Euro
  • Austria: 589,00 Euro
  • Switzerland: 618,00 Euro

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