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FIRST LEGO League Challenge is a research and robotics tournament for 9-16 year old students. Every year, the participants work on a joint project for several weeks as a team or as a class. They plan, construct and program an autonomous robot, conduct research on a topic of their own choice and prepare a presentation of their findings. The educational program focuses on  FIRST`s core values of respectful interaction, shared experience and critical thinking. After several weeks of preparation, teams participate in a regional competition day and present their findings in the categories of Research, Robot Game, Robot Design, and Core Values. Classes host a final event within the school.

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Who can
participate in Challenge?

2–10 Team members

A team consists of two to ten team members between the ages of 9 and 16. The reference date for this age limit is January 1 of the year in which the seasonal tasks are published. A team may be affiliated with an educational institution such as a school, or library, a club, or a family. Accompanied by at least one adult coach (e.g. teacher or parent), the students meet regularly for at least 12 weeks in a project group, privately among friends or as a neighborhood project to research and build and program. The coach registers the team for the current season, supervises it during the preparation phase and visits a regional competition with the kids at the end.

School Classes
up to 30 students

FIRST LEGO League Challenge In the Classroom is designed for a class of up to 30 students between the ages of 9 and 16. Teachers can individually integrate the program into their lessons according to their own time constraints - independent of the schedule of the regular Challenge season. Equipped with comprehensive program materials and several robotics sets, the entire class can work in project teams on research topics and the robots. As a culminating event, an in-school competition can be organized where participants present their research and robot. If interested, a team from the classroom can register for an official challenge tournament where they can compete and exchange ideas with other teams.

Evaluation and

At FIRST LEGO League Challenge tournaments, teams compete in four categories and are judged by referees and a panel of judges. Trophies, certificates and medals are awarded at the prize-giving ceremony.


for the best performance of the robot on the challenge game field


for high quality research, innovative solutions and creative presentation

Robot Design

for an innovative, robust, well designed and programmed robot

Core Values

for enthusiasm, sportsmanship and exceptional respect


for special commitment to team (co-)coaching


for the best overall performance across all categories (excl. coaching)

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