The Energy of the Future





Most of us take it for granted that we can "fill up on energy" anytime and anywhere. But how is our energy actually generated, stored, distributed and consumed? Will we always have enough energy available? What can the future of energy production and consumption look like? That is what the 2022/23 season is about.

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Season Schedule

01.01.2022 Deadline age limit for participants (Explore: 6–10 years Challenge: 9–16 years)
24.04.2022 Worldwide announcement of the season topic
28.04.2022 Start of registration
02.08.2022 – 6 pm Kickoff: task publication
August 2022 Start of shipping of Challenge and Explore sets
31.10.2022 Registration deadline for Challenge
4 weeks before exhibition date Individual registration deadline for Explore exhibitions
01.12.2022-12.02.2023 Challenge regional tournaments
01.12.2022-31.05.2023 Explore exhibitions
25.02.2023-05.03.2023 Challenge qualifying tournaments
24./25.03.2023 Final for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Explore and Challenge)

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