Challenge Updates and Clarifications

To stay up-to-date while preparing for your regional tournament, make sure to download the most current PDF including the official, binding Challenge updates and clarifications on Robot Game rules and missions for the SUPERPOWERED season:

Version: Nov. 30, 2022

Monthly Season Updates

Here you will find the Season Updates published monthly, which help you stay informed on the current SUPERPOWERED season and all relevant information about the education program. You might also want to sign up here to receive the Season Updates every first Tuesday of the month via e-mail.

Season Update No. 7

Last Open Q&A session 2022

The date for the monthly Open Q&A session for FIRST LEGO League teams is on tomorrow's schedule. Because it's the 1st Wednesday of the month again, and this time our colleague Karen from our FIRST LEGO League team will be there to give you advice at 4pm.

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Robot Game score sheet with score counter online

You want to prepare yourself really well and experience the Robot Game like on the competition day? Then we have the right tools for you!

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We need your support: every vote counts!

We want to become the audience's favorite and need your support. Join in and vote for us in the audience award of the "Digital for All" initiative by December 11! Support us with just a few clicks - Thank you!🎄#DigitalMiteinander

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Explore 200+ registrations

Registration for FIRST LEGO League Explore, our offering for elementary school students, is still open. Together we want to break the mark of 200 teams over Christmas. Join us and participate with your own project team in an exhibition in your region!

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Challenge Updates 30.11.22

Current Challenge Updates and Clarifications

Registration for FIRST LEGO League Explore, our offering for elementary school students, is still open. Together we want to break the mark of 200 teams over Christmas.

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LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App 3 coming in December

Tomorrow, December 1, 2022, LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App 3 will launch, bringing faster connections to the Hub and increased modeling predictability for more effective iterations and testing, among other features.

After the launch of SPIKE App 3, SPIKE App 2 will prompt you to download SPIKE App 3. The web app will automatically upgrade to SPIKE App 3 on launch day and you will be prompted to update your firmware to ensure compatibility. The firmware must be coherent with the app version to be compatible.

Because the update to SPIKE App 3 may affect existing code, we recommend FIRST® LEGO® League teams NOT upgrade to the new app mid-season.

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All about the Challenge Evaluation

You can find all the information about the judging on the FIRST LEGO League website under Challenge Resources and Judging.

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Adjustments to the previous year

If you have been participating in FIRST LEGO League for a while, please note that there is a change in the evaluation process.

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You have questions?

Check out the FAQ page for general questions or, if there are season-specific questions e.g. about Robot Game or Research Mission, use the Season Updates and our other Challenge resources.

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Season Update No. 4

Challenge Updates and Clarifications (Oct 26)

In October, clarifications were added again concerning the Robot Game, e.g. on the handling of things in the Homezones and on match preparation.

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Open question time - German and English combined

With the merging of the German and English language session, the date for the monthly Open Q&A session for FIRST LEGO League teams for both languages is now always on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 4pm.

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Exchange of ideas: Norwegian team seeks international contacts

A FIRST LEGO League team from Norway would like team contacts in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

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Explore registration open until 4 weeks before exhibition

Registration for our FIRST LEGO League Explore primary school offer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is still possible - depending on the location, the registration deadline is 4 weeks before the exhibition date.

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Preparation Challenge Referees: commented Robot Game Video

Not only teams, but also volunteers are preparing for the competitions. For this purpose, we have posted a commented version of the task video for the SUPERPOWERED season on our YouTube channel, which is accessible to all.

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Explore link resources

Would your Explore Team like to delve deeper into the season's SUPERPOWERED theme? For all Explore Coaches, we have a colourful list with links to various sites that offer a child-friendly introduction to the topic of energy.

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Clearance of stock: WeDo 2.0 at a special price

We are clearing out our stock and giving away our WeDo 2.0 stock to you in a special sale. All 10 sets are fully functional and complete.

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Saison Update No. 3

Latest Challenge Updates & Clarifications

In September there were some important updates that affect the Robot Game e.g. the handling of the robots between the Homezones. Check out our Challenge Updates and Clarifications PDF to find out which tasks and rules they affect!

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Important: Enter team data!

In order to be able to plan exhibitions and competitions optimally, the FIRST LEGO League regional partners need complete data of all teams that are registered at their locations by the registration deadline. Please enter your team members in the Coaches account no later than the registration deadline (Challenge 10/31/2022 / Explore 4 weeks before exhibition).

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Video tutorials for new teams

Our colleagues from the FIRST LEGO League team are always working hard to develop support services for teams and coaches. Brand new are our video tutorials for Explore and Challenge, which especially help new teams to understand the educational program well from the beginning.

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Start a team now!

Haven't registered your team yet? Please note that the registration window for FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams closes at the end of October. Where there are still free places, you can find in the overview of the venues

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Get publicity!

Want to support your team website or social media presence, or simply print your team's t-shirts with the right FIRST LEGO League logo variations?

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Season Update No. 2

Challenge Updates and Clarifications

Over the course of the last weeks a bunch of Challenge Updates and Clarifications have arrives. Find out about the missions and rules impacted and where to always find the newest Challenge Updates!

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FIRST LEGO League Meetup 2022

Would you like to exchange ideas with other FIRST LEGO League enthusiasts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and help shape the future of the educational program? Then the FIRST LEGO League Meetup in October 2022 is just the thing for you (please be advised that the Meetup will be held in German)!

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Free places at the Jump Start Workshop in Ilmenau

Are you new as a FIRST LEGO League Challenge Coach? Then come to the NanoGiants Academy workshop! Tips and tricks for a successful season are offered by the FIRST LEGO League Challenge Jumpstart Workshops of our partner NanoGiants Academy e.V. in addition to the basics of the educational program and the "12 Golden Rules for Coaches".

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Evaluation Off-Season Mission & Challenge CARGO CONNECT

After last season, we asked the Explore and Challenge teams to take on different missions in our Off-Season Challenge. This resulted in great videos, which our jury had the chance to watch during the last weeks. Now the winning teams have been chosen.

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Review Kickoff Sage funding

As part of our joint support program for primary and secondary schools, we are able to enable numerous students from the Leipzig region to participate in the educational program with the support of the SAGE Foundation. At the end of August, we were guests at SAGE in Leipzig for the kickoff of our joint support program. A short film review shows how we prepared teachers from Leipzig and the surrounding area for participation in FIRST LEGO League 2022/23.

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Season Update No. 1

New Format "Season Updates"

Today we're not only kicking off the new season in earnest as the FIRST LEGO League SUPERPOWERED tasks are released. But we're also kicking off a new format for the program news.

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Where to find what?

Our website has been around for some time with a new design. The content has been slimmed down and moved to new places. You will find all the content for the SUPERPOWERED season condensed into the engineering notebooks and team meeting guides in the tried and true login for coaches to download. To ensure that team members and volunteers also have access to important information about this year's educational program content, we have bundled it on the season website.


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New Regional Partners sought

We are looking for new partners, especially in Northern Germany, who want to implement FIRST LEGO League in their region. Are you a school or other institution in or around Hamburg or Bremen that already has some FIRST LEGO League experience? Then dare to organize a regional Challenge tournament and/or an Explore exhibition at your location with our help. We will give you the tools and a lot of help along the way.

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Not yet registered?

You have not yet registered your team or class for the SUPERPOWERED season? Then you can do so for Challenge until the end of October and for Explore until 4 weeks before the exhibition date. But don't wait too long, in some regions the spots are already scarce!

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Any questions left?

On recurring general questions about Research, Robot Game and more, you will find answers in our...


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