Challenge Updates and Clarifications

To stay up-to-date while preparing for your regional tournament, make sure to download the most current PDF including the official, binding Challenge updates and clarifications on Robot Game rules and missions for the SUPERPOWERED season:

Version: Nov. 30, 2022

Monthly Season Updates

Here you will find the Season Updates published monthly, which help you stay informed on the current SUPERPOWERED season and all relevant information about the education program. You might also want to sign up here to receive the Season Updates every first Tuesday of the month via e-mail.

Saison Update No. 8

Win a spot at the FIRST Championship in Houston!

Four lucky FIRST LEGO League Challenge Teams will have the opportunity to compete in this year's FIRST Championship in Houston in April. The starting spots will be awarded among all participating Challenge Teams!

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Open Q&A session in February with Joseph

We know that participating in the FIRST LEGO League, especially for the first time, can bring with it many questions and challenges. So that you are not left alone, we offer you various sources of information that can be used not only for reading, but also for direct questions.

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Share your enthusiasm and the invitation to the virtual info event in February

You are already active in the FIRST LEGO League and have experienced the impressive impact of the program for yourself. Now we would like to ask you to share our virtual information event in February with potential interested parties from parents, school authorities or school boards.

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Season Update No. 7

New in the Coach SharePoint

The SharePoint for coaches offers you many important documents such as construction manuals and evaluation forms in the dashboard in the login area under "My coach documents". Brand new are declarations of consent for photos and personalized certificates.

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New Challenge Updates

We would like to inform you about the latest challenge updates that are currently available (11.12.23). Please note that some of these updates only apply to the English version, as the translation differs slightly from the German version.

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Start of the regional competitions: teams show off their skills

The FIRST LEGO League regional competitions have begun and teams are presenting their robots and research projects on the season's theme of MASTERPIECE. It all started at the end of November in Chur (CH). The regional competitions and exhibitions will continue until the beginning of March in Aachen and Siegen (D). Spectators are welcome to follow the creative process of the young talents - admission is free of charge.

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Virtual information event on Dec 13th at 4 pm

On December 13 at 4 pm, we cordially invite interested teachers, parents and participants to our virtual information event (in German language)! Discover the benefits of participating in the FIRST LEGO League for children and young people. Gain insights into the content and process of the educational program. Learn more about current funding opportunities and the simple steps for submitting an application.

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New in our program: FIRST LEGO League Discover

We are pleased to introduce FIRST LEGO League Discover to our offerings – specifically designed for preschools and kindergartens. This initiative provides children as young as 4 years old with a fantastic opportunity to ignite their enthusiasm for science and technology in a playful manner.

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FIRST LEGO League Final 2024: Explore Teams Wanted, Volunteers Welcome

The excitement is building: after the thrilling regional competitions, teams have the opportunity to qualify for the final through the qualification competitions. From April 13th to 14th, 2024, we will travel to Switzerland to organize the impressive FIRST LEGO League Final for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at the Davos Congress Centre (CH), in collaboration with our partners, the University of Teacher Education of the Grisons, the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, and the Evangelical Middle School Schiers. There, we will celebrate the fascinating world of STEM and robotics with great teams. The congress center will transform into a colorful FIRST LEGO League Final!

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Draw attention to your social media activity

We encourage all teams to step up their social media activity. Whether it's progress on the research project, impressive robot achievements or reports on your team activities - your posts are important to share the excitement of the FIRST LEGO League and inspire other teams. Link us and share your successes in the education program!

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Christmas donations for the association and its educational work

During the festive season, we would like to call on you to support our work on the educational program through Christmas donations. Your generous contributions will help us to further develop the FIRST LEGO League and get even more young people interested in science and technology.

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Season Update No. 6

Inspire the Future Award - Nominate your coaches

Your coaches deserve recognition, because without them, the FIRST LEGO League would not be as successful as an educational program! Not only do they juggle schedules and organizational challenges, but they also create space for the development of you teams and always offer support and motivation in difficult situations. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to nominate your coach for the "Inspire the Future" Award at the program-initiating foundation FIRST.

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Registration status FIRST LEGO League

The registration phase for the MASTERPIECE season of the FIRST LEGO League Challenge is closed. We are thrilled that 747 teams in 52 regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will participate. That's over 100 more teams than in the previous season preparing for the educational program.

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Discover our sponsorship opportunities for teams and classes

Our generous sponsorship opportunities offer new teams and schools the unique chance to smoothly enter the exciting educational program of the FIRST LEGO League. We support with various sponsorship packages ranging from covering participation fees to providing high-quality program materials and robotics kits. This is all possible thanks to our dedicated sponsorship partners such as Dow, Motorola and ChangeX.

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Season schedule for teams

After registration and delivery of the materials, the exciting preparation phase for the final events for which all dates have now been set begins for the teams..

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Important resources for Challenge

To support your preparation, we offer a variety of resources. In this issue, we present the latest materials for Challenge teams: Our colleagues Niklas, Marco and our research expert Leon share valuable tips and advice in an informative video. We also have new challenge updates and great resources for robot design and robot games.

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Use the mentoring offer

The mentor function is open to all teams and classes and offers a wide range of opportunities to learn from experienced mentors and exchange knowledge. You can use the expertise of mentors who are already registered in the system and have offers ready for you to make your season a success.

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Saison Update No. 5

Join Detlef and Thomas: add your topics to the FIRST LEGO League Meetup

It's coming up soon! On October 20 and 21, 2023, we'll be hosting the FIRST LEGO League Meetup, where we'll be sharing ideas about our education program in a barcamp format. You can expect two inspiring afternoons full of questions, ideas, and great conversations. Just like last year, we promise you lots of fun and the opportunity to make new contacts to get inspired for the new season.

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Motorola Solutions Foundation gives support to your teams

Thanks to a grant from the Motorola Solutions Foundation, we are once again able to support a total of 73 FIRST LEGO League teams in Germany and Austria to participate in the educational program this season. All follow-up sponsorships have already been awarded, but there are still spots available for initial sponsorships. In Austria, we still have spots for both offerings (Challenge and Explore) and in Germany, there are still grants available for some Challenge teams

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New tool for your preparation: Online points calculator

In the Robot Game resources for MASTERPIECE you can now find the online score calculator. This useful tool allows you to get to know the evaluation sheets from the competition day already in your preparation and to track your own progress while practicing.

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Evaluation sheets online

The evaluation sheets for your FIRST LEGO League Challenge Regional Competition are now available online. Take this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the MASTERPIECE Season criteria that will be used to evaluate your performance in the various judging categories. This information is critical to optimizing your presentations and robot performance.

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Kickoff for Volunteers

Would you like to be involved in the education program as volunteers? Do you feel like you've outgrown the education program? Then we have a great opportunity for you! As a volunteer, you can get up close and personal with the FIRST LEGO League Challenge and Explore on competition day and see the impressive robots and presentations from the teams. For those who are not yet sure what their role as a judge or juror in Challenge or reviewer in Explore will entail, we have a great opportunity next week.

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Season Update No. 4

New Challenge Updates: Stay Informed!

We want to ensure that all teams are well-prepared, so we are gathering all clarifications regarding the tasks and rules for the Robot Game of the upcoming season in our Challenge Updates. Be sure to check regularly to ensure you're always up to date.

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Resources for Team Preparation

Whether you are Explore or Challenge teams, preparation is crucial! Check out our resources to support you and ensure that you are well-prepared for the challenges of the season.

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Exchange Partner for American Explore Team

An exciting international exchange is on the horizon! An Explore Team from Atlanta (USA) is looking for partner teams from the FIRST LEGO League D-A-CH community to exchange experiences and ideas.

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FIRST LEGO League Unboxing Day Call: Show Us Your Enthusiasm!

We invite teams to participate in the international video action by LEGO Education - the FIRST LEGO League Unboxing Day! Show us the excitement, thoughts, and ideas your team has for the current MASTERPIECE season as it receives the new season materials for the first time.

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Save the Date: Virtual Meetup in October

Would you like to connect with other FIRST LEGO League enthusiasts from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and help shape the future of the educational program? Mark your calendars for October 20th and 21st, 2023, because the FIRST LEGO League Meetup is just what you're looking for!

This year, it will once again take place in a virtual format, offering an exciting Barcamp-style event where you can actively engage with various topics. For more information and the opportunity to register, please visit our website.

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Season Update No. 3 - Kickoff

Start of the MASTERPIECE season today at 6 p.m.

The long-awaited moment is here! The tasks for the MASTERPIECE season are now available on our website and in the coach login. Dive in and start a creative and inspiring MASTERPIECE season!

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New in coach login: Sharepoint for important seasonal documents

Ab dem heutigen Kickoff stehen euch alle relevanten Dokumente für die FIRST LEGO League auf unserer Website und in eurem CoachIn-Login über einen speziellen SharePoint zur Verfügung.

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Tomorrow Open Question Time for Coaches

We won't let you down! Every first Wednesday of the month we offer a consultation hour for coaches. Especially after the kickoff and the announcement of the tasks, questions arise for new and experienced teams, especially about the Robot Game. Our experienced FIRST LEGO League team is available to answer your questions either by email or in the FAQs on our website. Additionally, we have invited Lisa and Fabian, two of our volunteer head referees, to answer your questions about the current season.

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Use mentoring function in dashboard

We have an exciting addition: use the Coaches Dashboard to find mentors or become a mentor yourself!

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Online info session FIRST LEGO League on August 30th

Do you know people who don't know about the education program yet? If so, recommend they attend our info session on Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023, from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.! This event is a great opportunity for students, parents, educators, and those interested in other areas to learn about the exciting opportunities available through FIRST LEGO League.

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Season Update No. 2

FIRST LEGO League Virtual Info Event on June 21

You know people who don't know about the education programme yet? Recommend them our info event on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, from 16.30 to 17.30! The info event is a great opportunity for students, parents, educators or those interested in other areas to learn about the exciting opportunities FIRST LEGO League has to offer.

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Alumni as coaches & volunteers

As alumni of the FIRST LEGO League, you have the opportunity to continue to be actively involved. Through volunteering, you can share your experience and knowledge with others, meet new people with similar interests and expand your own skills. There are different ways to get involved, depending on your expertise and time budget.

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Grants for teams and classes

Thanks to strong partners, we are able to regularly sponsor teams and classes to participate in the educational program. Depending on the funding offer, this can include not only participation fees and material costs, but also robotics sets and preparation tables. There are attractive sponsorships for different regions or needs.

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International events with teams from D-A-CH

From the last final for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, eleven teams qualified for different international events. They successfully represented FIRST LEGO League D-A-CH.

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Regional registration load

Registrations for the education programme and Explore and Challenge offerings are currently underway. Places are already fully booked in some regions, while there is still spare capacity in others.

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Season Update No. 1


The new theme is known, in the MASTERPIECE season we will highlight the role that STEM plays in the arts. Starting August 1, we'll find out exactly what the assignment is and what you can specifically work on as teams. Get ready!

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Registration and schedule

Registration for teams and classes for the new FIRST LEGO League season is open again. Registered coaches register a team for a region or a class for the schedule-independent format "In the Classroom."

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Pricing 2023/24

Due to increased costs, we have to adjust the participation and shipping fees. We regret this decision, but are forced to take these steps in order to continue to provide quality service and excellence.

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Current status of funding opportunities

This season, we are once again working with companies to provide team and class sponsorships for FIRST LEGO League Challenge and Explore. The first sponsorship programs have already been fixed, with more to follow throughout the season, including in combination with mentoring opportunities

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"Early Bird" Raffle

Teams that register early for the education program can enter our "Early Bird" raffle this season to win great prizes.

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New dashboard in the login area

After the big relaunch of the website last year, this year we have made some small design changes and usability improvements, as well as a big change in the login area.

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