Would you like to complete the pre-season missions with your team or class? Here you will find all the documents you need to complete the seasonal missions alongside the FIRST LEGO League Explore or Challenge Set (you can find the pre-season sets through our Classics Sale).

Using the SharePoint

ATTENTION: The documents are all located in a publicly accessible Microsoft SharePoint.
Nevertheless, you may be asked to log in in certain situations. If this happens, please proceed as follows:

On a smartphone or tablet with the OneDrive app installed: After opening one of the links, you may be redirected to the OneDrive app. Please click on the "Open in browser" option instead of "Sign in". You can then download the files in your mobile browser without any problems.

On a laptop / desktop browser: After opening one of the links on a laptop or desktop computer, a login prompt may open on the SharePoint page. You can simply close this and then download the files without any problems.

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