FIRST LEGO League Meetup
(October 20/21, 2023)

Would you like to exchange ideas with other FIRST LEGO League enthusiasts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and help shape the future of the educational program? Then the FIRST LEGO League Meetup on October 20 and 21, 2023 is just right for you (please be advised that the Meetup will be held in German!).

During two intensive and exciting afternoons (each between 1 and 6 p.m.), you can contribute your questions, ideas and wishes to our online barcamp - no matter if you are team members, coaches, volunteers, regional partners, association members, alumni or if you are completely new!


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What is a barcamp?

The Meetup will be held as an online BarCamp. I.e., the whole meeting will be centered around your questions, topic suggestions and impulses.

To that end, there will be various opportunities at the beginning and in the course of the Meetup to contribute your ideas, which will then be addressed in session shaped by the participants themselves.

The results of the Meetup will not only be shared with other participants in joint sessions, but will be carried into the further evolution of FIRST LEGO League by all groups involved and by HANDS on TECHNOLOGY.

We look forward to welcoming you and your contributions!


Review and Lookout from Meetup 2022

For two days in late October 2022, we met virtually with coaches, volunteers, regional partners and alumni from the FIRST LEGO League community at a barcamp the #fllmeetup22.

From the 14 exciting sessions we were able to take away a lot of feedback and some work assignments for our team. The breadth of topics was large and ranged from: feedback on the new FIRST LEGO League website; Evaluation of the Challenge categories; the Alumni Network, the Online Volunteer platform; Robotics Sets: EV3 vs. SPIKE over Tips for Challenge coaches to the Event planner for Regional Partners and many more.

In the final session, the participants told us that they had taken away many ideas and input for the rest of the season, just like we had. On the first day, the round found a creative and very funny conclusion in a virtual games evening, which, like the barcamp itself, calls for a repeat next year! See a little review in the gallery.

Safe the date for the next edition now, so that you can also be there and bring in your own hot topics! The next community barcamp #fllmeetup23 is planned for Oct 20th and 21st, 2023. We want to continue thinking about FIRST LEGO League with you and you can contribute your own ideas and suggestions for improving the educational programme. We are looking forward to the exchange!

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