Spuring Passion for STEM

FIRST LEGO League gives students an age-appropriate access to research, design and programming. We spark an early interest in STEM (math, computer science, science and technology) and strengthen students communication skills and teamwork.

With our three offerings, Discover (for 4–6 year olds) Explore (for 6–10 year olds) and Challenge (for 9–16 year olds), children and young people always find suitable tasks in a team as well as in their school class and can grow with and on the program. This is how we create sustainable STEM promotion!

Over the course of several years, participants can learn about and explore an exciting topic each year from a wide range of fields, such as recycling, energy, transportation, and urban development.

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Core Values

FIRST LEGO League teams, classes, coaches, mentors, volunteers and organizers know the FIRST core values and act according to them. They describe our way of working together, which is characterized by respectful cooperation.


We discover new talents and ideas.


We work creatively and persistently to solve problems.


We now use what we learn to make our world a better place.


We respect each other and accept our differences.


We are stronger when working together.


We have a blast and celebrate our work!

Partnering for education and innovation! We cooperate with companies, foundations and ministries.