Dive into the SUBMERGED Season 2024/25 with an Exciting Comic Book

by Stefanie Sieber

The comic book "Crypto – Mysterious Sea Creatures" is a great introduction to the exciting and mystical underwater world. It shortens the wait for the season materials and provides interesting discussion topics for your team or class at the start of the project. As part of the SUBMERGED℠ season, FIRST LEGO League teams will explore the depths of the ocean with curiosity and creative ideas.

To get in the mood for the season's theme, our colleague and literature educator Kristina Hagen recommends the captivating comic book "Crypto – Mysterious Sea Creatures (Volume 1)" from Loewe Verlag. This title, awarded the Leipzig Reading Compass 2024, captivates students from the age of 7/8.

Dive into the fantastic world of cryptozoology with the brave Ophelia and the old fisherman Bernard! In this new comic book series from Norway, animal fantasy meets cryptozoology. Beneath the sea's surface, the unlikely research duo encounters rare animal creatures, big secrets, and plenty of adventures.

The story is easy to follow with the panels. Elementary school students who enjoy action and excitement can grasp the story's content with the minimal text. The expressive heroine Ophelia is a strong protagonist who will inspire both girls and boys with the underwater world. So head to your local library and enjoy reading!

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