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Season Update No. 1

Dive into the SUBMERGED Season 2024/25: important dates and initial information

Excitement is building as the new season approaches! Prepare for an exciting adventure full of discoveries and challenges in the depths of the sea! Starting now, we have opened registrations for teams and classes.

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Early Bird Raffle: Win Registration Fees and Seasonal Materials for Your Team

From today May 2nd to May 16th, 2024, you have the chance to participate in our Early Bird Raffle. But that's not all - this time, 3 Explore and 3 Challenge Teams can each win registration fees and seasonal materials!

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Prices for FIRST LEGO League 2024/25

The prices consist of the participation fee and the costs for the program materials. This year, the price for the FIRST LEGO League Challenge Set increases by €10 due to rising purchasing costs, now totaling €139. All other prices remain unchanged.

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Support for a Successful FIRST LEGO League Season

Once again this season, we are collaborating with companies, foundations, and ministries to enable team and class grants for the FIRST LEGO League. The initial grant programs have already been established, with more to follow throughout the season. We also offer mentoring opportunities where your team can receive support from experts. Check the dashboard to see which mentors are available in your region or virtually and get in touch with them to take a deeper dive in their expert area e.g. programming, Design Thinking or other.

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Dashboard Features: Status Bar and Mentor Matching

As we embark on the new season, our dashboard introduces a status bar to track your team and/or class registration progress. Another feature allows for mentor matching. Give it a try and leverage the full potential of mentors!

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