The season documents accompany the Challenge teams and classes through the season. They contain the tasks, provide space for notes and structure the tasks to be completed. Classes receive printed booklets in addition to the digital documents.

Every team member will receive an Engineering Notebook. It contains descriptions of the season tasks and guides you through 12 team meetings. It is also your space to capture ideas and drafts for your Research project, Robot Design and Coding.

The Robot Game Rulebook does not just contain the rules to be considered before, during and after Robot Game matches. Moreover, you will find the exact descriptions of the Robot Game missions including the instructions for field setup. If you study and apply these rules, you will be best equipped to master the Robot Game matches at the regional tournament.

The Team Meeting Guide supports the coaches while guiding the team members through the meetings and up to the regional tournament. In addition to orientation pages for required time and material resources, the guide contains impulses for structuring the 12 team meetings.

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