Explore Set Building Instructions

The building instructions for the MASTERPIECE Explore models are included in the Explore set in booklet form. If required, you can also download them here.

Basic Stage



Music Concert Pieces



Missing Elements in Explore Set?

If there are any LEGO elements missing when the Explore Set is delivered, you can simply reorder them from LEGO free of charge:

LEGO Customer Service.

  1. Follow the link and choose your country;
  2. Enter the set number of the Explore Set, which you will find on the shipping box (for the 2023/24 season: 45824);
  3. Select the missing element from the overview;
  4. Add the item to the bag, enter your address and have the item sent to you by customer service.


Explore Season Materials

Here you can get a glimpse into the tasks and challenges awaiting you when joining FIRST LEGO League Explore. The team members receive the printed documents from the coaches together with the Explore Set.

Engineering Notebook

Every team member will receive an Engineering Notebook and it is the space to capture ideas and drafts for the Team Model, Team Poster and Coding:

Team Meeting Guide

The Team Meeting Guide supports the coaches while guiding the team members on their journey through the meetings and up to the exhibition:

Explore Set Video

Take a look at how the models in the MASTERPIECE Explore set look when they are built and motorised. This makes you want to build and programme the models yourself!

SPIKE Essential Resources

With these materials, you as a coach can...

  • get to know the LEGO Education SPIKE Essential robotics set which is intended for Explore,
  • try out the robotic set and SPIKE app with your team members in the run-up to the project work, and
  • extend the team meetings and classroom sessions with additional materials.


Video Tutorials

In these tutorials by LEGO Education, you'll learn about LEGO Education SPIKE Essential, get to know the included parts, how to assemble the set and how to use the LEGO Education SPIKE App for building and programming projects with SPIKE Essential.

LEGO Education Unit Plans

LEGO Education offer various other materials (such as lesson plans and student worksheets) via their website for teachers to supplement the learning units in the SPIKE app, which can be used to enrich the work with the SPIKE Essential:

Multimedia Resources

What does a stage manager actually do, what is the work of a curator in a museum and what does it look like behind the scenes of a concert? In this document you will find many exciting links and book tips that will answer these and other questions related to the season's theme.

Download Multimedia Resources


Open Q&A

Every first Wednesday of the month at 16:00, the FIRST LEGO League team at HANDS on TECHNOLOGY is available via Microsoft Teams video call to help you with all sorts of questions about your participation in FIRST LEGO League Explore und Challenge. Feel free to join us:


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