all FIRST® LEGO® League Regions, Semi Finals and the Final for Central Europe

FLL SF Slovakia & Czech Republic



University of Zilina
Univerzitna 8215/1
SK-010 26 Zilina


Norbert Adamko

University of Zilina
Department of technical cybernetics
Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
PhDUniverzitná 8215/1
SK-010 26 Zilina

Ondrej Macko

FLL Slovensko o.z.
Mlynská dolina 41
SK-811 02 Bratislava

  • Per team a participation fee of 100 € is charged.

    The presentation of the Research Project needs to be in English language at the Semi Final Slovakia & Czech Republic.


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Qualification mode

At the regional tournaments some teams qualify for a semi final. The number of qualifications depends on the size of the regional tournament. An overview of the qualifications can be found here. 

Tournament dates

Following is a document with the dates of all FIRST® LEGO® League tournaments and FIRST® LEGO® League Junior exhibitions of the season 2019/20.