Show your enthusiasm, your sportsmanship, your respect for others and your helpfulness

General information

Friendly interaction, understanding and respect for team members and other teams, motivation and enthusiasm, as well as problem solving skills are FLL Core Values ​​and make for a good team.

Teams can not prepare for the category “teamwork” in the traditional sense. Rather, it is important that the team members internalize the FLL Core Values ​​already in the preparation time and also live them – then they will also master together the surprise task, which they should solve during teamwork, without any problems and have a lot of fun!

Evaluation Teamwork

Teamwork is inevitable and an essential condition for every team that wants to succeed at FLL. The award honours the team with a maximum of enthusiasm, the best sporting spirit, remarkable respect to the own team members and the highest support and assistance towards other teams. This team gave proof of their ability to show: confidence, motivation and enthusiasm:

  • the ability to find solutions
  • understanding and respect towards others
  • dynamic and interaction within the team

The teamwork jury evaluate the teams based on an interview and a team activity. The team activity is equal on each FLL Regional Tournament in Central Europe. For the FLL Semi Finals there will be another team activity.

The judges evaluate the teams on the basis of the FLL Evaluation Sheet “Teamwork”.


So that you will not be bored in the time between the last FLL Tournament and the new FLL Season, here you can see what the Nano Giants e.V. have for ideas around the construction of robots.

The Nano Giants e.V. also have tips on hardware – especially for beginner teams.

Let your imagination run wild and design the most amazing robots!