Evaluation Robot Game

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Evaluation Robot Game

Each team is running 3 preliminary rounds in FLL Robot Game. Within each match the team has the chance to collect as many points as possible. Each match is independent from other rounds – only the match with the highest score counts. The team with the highest score will get 50 evaluation points automatically. The evaluation points of the other teams will be calculated by setting their score in proportion to the highest score reached. The evaluation points calculated go directly into the evaluation of the FLL Champion.

The best teams will go on to quarter or semi final. In quarter and semifinal there is only one round. The reached points will be counted and a ranking will be compiled from that. The best two teams from semi final qualify for the Robot Game final.

In the Robot Game final two rounds are carried out. The reached points from both rounds will be summed up and the winner of the Robot Game is made up from this result: the team with the higher total result will win the award “Best Robot Game”.

The evaluation of the Robot Game will be recorded on paper or electronically on a tablet application. The Referee Sheet of this season is available here.

The referee sheet for FLL 2018/19 will be available soon. So far, teams and coaches can get an impression of the referee sheet by having a look at the one from last season: