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Missing parts
10.08.2018 - 09:51 Uhr

What if parts of the challenge set are missing?

You can reorder any missing parts or entire packages that are missing for free from LEGO.

If you followed this link, click on “Missing Bricks” and then give the set number. The 5-digit set number can be found in the top left of the package sticker on your challenge set.

You can also easily order missing bags from the LEGO® customer service at the following free telephone number:

00800 5346 5555

LEGO® Customer Service staff speak several languages.

Qualification Robot Game
29.11.2017 - 18:10 Uhr

At the regional tournament, which team will qualify in the Robot Game after the 3 preliminary rounds, when 2 teams have the same score in their best match?

If 2 teams have the same score in their best match in the Robot Game after the 3 preliminary rounds, the scores of the second best preliminary or – if there is also the same number of points – the third best preliminary round of both teams will be compared. The team with the higher score qualifies.

If 2 teams always score the same number of points in the 3 preliminary rounds, a play-off will be run (1 match).

Evaluation software
29.10.2018 - 11:42 Uhr

What awaits me regarding the evaluation software?

Please note: The evaluation software is only available in English. So preferably you familiarize yourself with the English terms of the Robot Game, so you can follow and understand the referees what they type in their tablets at the evaluation of the match.

A first impression you can get with this referee sheet. The terms which are used here are the same as in the software. How the software looks like, you can see here.

Language at the regional tournament
05.10.2017 - 11:32 Uhr

Does the presentation of the research project have to be presented in the respective local language?

The language at the regional tournament is based upon the respective local language (at a regional tournament in Germany, the language is German, at a regional tournament in Poland, the language is Polish). The background is that the parameters should be the same for all participants.

This applies for all evaluations, presentations, interviews with the judges and for the presentation of the regional tournament.

Robots built with construction manual
11.08.2017 - 13:22 Uhr


What happens with robots which are built with the aid of a construction manual?

Teams who build a robot with the aid of a construction manual must expect the robot not to be rated as the team’s own creative achievement in the category robot design.

At this point, it should also be noted that the circulating construction manuals often refer only to basic robots that meet the specific requirements of the actual season only inadequate.

So: no plagiarisms! Because what counts in the category robot design is the team’s creative achievement at programming and design!

Maximum Score
10.11.2016 - 16:10 Uhr


What is the maximum score that can be achieved with the robot game?

We asked our partner FRIST for the maximum number of points to be reached. The maximum number of points is not calculated by FIRST, so that this number will not discourage anyone from taking part in the competition or deterring anyone. Accordingly, the total score is not published.

Junior coach
10.11.2016 - 16:11 Uhr


Is it possible to become a junior coach with 17 years?

A team can be supervised by several coaches and / or mentors. But there is only one "official" FLL coach who registers the team and is in contact with us. He/she gets all the important information about the contest and for he/she is the person in charge during the tournament. But he/she can get support and advice from other coaches or mentors. But it is important: coaches and mentors should guide the workflow of your team, but should not proposes any solutions. They should "coach" but stay out of the substantive work of the team. We are delighted to support former team members who wants to be involved with the coach job.

Evaluations sheets
30.05.2018 - 12:02 Uhr


Where can I find the evaluation sheets?

You'll find the evaluation form for each category under the subheading “Evaluation”.

For example, you'll get the evaluation sheet for the category teamwork here:

Variations of the FLL Tournament Tables
10.11.2016 - 16:12 Uhr


Are the FLL tables identical at all tournaments?

Please consider while constructing and programming that there can be variations between different tournaments depending on local conditions. The variations might occure in differenciations in the character of the field borders, lightning conditions, structure/irregularties of the field mat. At many tournaments there is no opportunity to roll out the mats early enough so that they might be a little bit wavy. Place and severity of waves can vary.

Hint: There are two important construction techniques to minimize differences in illumination:

1. Avoid control systems containing something that might rub on the mat.
2. Hide light sensors from ambient light.

Questions according the local conditions at regional tournaments can be posed directly to the local organiser. Please find there contact dates on the regional websites.


Update Research Project INTO ORBIT
29.08.2018 - 11:32 Uhr

In many past seasons, the Project directions have instructed teams to “design an innovative solution that adds value to society.” For the INTO ORBITSM Project, your problem is very unique: You must “identify a human physical or social problem faced during long duration space exploration within our Sun’s solar system and propose a solution.” For this season, to avoid any confusion about just whom your solution should benefit, we have removed the phrase “adds value to society” from the Challenge Guide. This is to make it clear that your team only needs to worry about finding a solution that helps the people in space affected by your problem. If it happens to also help people on Earth by creating a “spinoff” solution, that’s great! However, it’s not a requirement.

Also, remember that teams are expected to share their work as part of the FIRST® LEGO® League Project. However, we realize that it may not be possible to share your research with an expert in space exploration. That’s OK! Remember that you can share your Project with any of the professionals you consulted as part of your research.

No research project or missing the target of the research project
10.11.2016 - 16:13 Uhr


Are there any consequenses if a team does not prepear a research project? What will happen when a team misses the target of the research project?

A FLL team should take part in all categories of evaluation. When a team doesn't have a research project (or doesn't take part in another category of evaluation) it could not become a FLL Champion and will not be evaluated. in the particular category. All teams should act as the core values told them.

If a team fails the research project it still could be evaluated by the judges for presentation but not for 'research' and not for 'innovative solution'.


10.11.2016 - 16:14 Uhr


Can we pick us any topic we like?

No, the topics are limited to the topics listed in the research project documents.

Material for judges
10.11.2016 - 16:14 Uhr


Do we have to prepare some written material or our presentation in written form for the judges?

No, you don´t have to produce a written material for the judges. Important is the presentation and its content you perform for the judges.

Analyse problem and present results
14.11.2016 - 13:35 Uhr


What includes the presentation?

Each team should show on which way they found the specific problem. Show how you researched and came to a soulution for the problem you chose. It is not enough to present only the result.

Duration of Research Presentation
10.11.2016 - 16:15 Uhr


How much time do we have for the presentation of our research results at a FLL Tournament?

At a FLL Tournament you have 5 minutes time (actual presentation time, not set up time) to present your results to the jury. The manner of presentation is up to you - you can create a role play, use Powerpoint and so on. Give your presentation live - you may use media equipment (if available) but only to enhance the live presentation.

The technical approach of the research project
10.11.2016 - 16:23 Uhr


Does the research project has to have a technical approach?

No, the research project does not have to contain a technical approach.

10.11.2016 - 16:27 Uhr


Shall we name our sources? Do the sources have to be part of the presentation or is it sufficient to show them at the end of the presentation?

Yes, a good presentation shows at the latest at the end all the sources the team had worked with during their research project. The sources should also be part of the 5 minutes presentation. 

Obligation to publish
10.11.2016 - 16:27 Uhr


Are we obliged to publish the results ahead of our presentation on the tournament day?

Each team is obliged to publish the results ahead of the tournament. This can happen in several ways: presentation in front of parents, students, teachers or the interviewed experts, write an article or make a website or blog etc. The team should show the form of publishing within their presentation e.g. by a photo.


R12: Things in base
05.02.2018 - 14:01 Uhr

Are things that the autonomous robot transports over the border wall (intentionally or unintentionally) automatically in base?

No. For transport to the base D07 applies. When a thing is transported across the border wall, R15 applies, in other words:  It stays outside the base. If it bothers the technicians or referees there, it can be cleared away.

Using an Interpreter
04.01.2018 - 16:23 Uhr

Is it allowed to use a self-programmed interpreter?

Yes – if the interpreter is programmed in one of the allowed programming languages and serves to read text files loaded on the smart stone, this is allowed.

Place things in Base
05.12.2017 - 11:43 Uhr

Is it allowed to put things in the base after the (re)launch?

If after the launch (or relaunch) things are still placed in the base and the robot moves or uses them before the next relaunch, this is considered as influencing in the sense of R14.

Everything that should be used or moved must already be in the base before the (re)launch - cf. R13.




Pneumatics allowed?
01.12.2017 - 16:53 Uhr

Is pneumatics allowed with FLL?

Yes – please note the points R01 and R06 in the Robot Game document.

14.11.2017 - 13:33 Uhr

Is it allowed to use LEGO® DUPLO®?

Yes, it’s allowed to use LEGO® DUPLO® at FLL as equipment (D03/R01).

R14: Handling of the mission model after interruption
07.11.2017 - 17:07 Uhr

Update of rule R14 "Interruption"

If you interrupt the robot while it’s transporting something that came from Base during the most recent launch, you may keep that thing.

In this case, you would be able to bring the thing back with you to Base along with the robot!

Ceiling of the Base
01.09.2017 - 10:45 Uhr

Is the ceiling of the Base valid for every start?

The change under 1.6 for 2017/18 says “Maximum equipment height UPON LAUNCH is now limited. (R13)”

At R13 launch and re-launch are regulated – the ceiling of the Base (12 inches/30.5 cm) holds for every launch – that means: Also for relaunches during the Robot Game.

This new rule is only formulated for starts, so for returns to the Base holds rule D07 (2nd item “no ceiling”).

D06: Areas between field and table
10.11.2016 - 16:29 Uhr


D06: Does the area between the north of the playing field and the table belong to the playing field?

Yes, this area belongs to the playing field. You'll find more details here. Please ask the regional partner for information, too.

“Totally in”
23.10.2018 - 09:38 Uhr

When is an object “totally in” a target area?

The diagrams in rule D7 define completly in for the Base but apply for any other target area.

Rules readable
23.10.2018 - 09:40 Uhr

What are the rules for FLL and where can we find them?

With the challenge release at the beginning of August there will be all FLL Rules available online

THE TEAMS, READING EVERYTHING have fewer questions, have less work, have fewer surprises at the tournament, score higher and have more fun.

Playing Field & Missions

M04 – Crater Crossing: official update
16.11.2018 - 12:07 Uhr

The “crossing equipment” is whatever crosses completely east to completely west for points. Crossing equipment is the only equipment that needs to cross. Any other equipment involved, which might throw or transport the crossing equipment, does not need to cross.


  • If a ball was thrown to score as the crossing Equipment, then only the ball needed to cross. The crossing ball was not part of the Robot, so the Robot didn’t need to cross.
  •  If the ball was transported across and dropped, then again, only the ball needed to cross. The crossing ball was not part of the Robot, so the Robot didn’t need to cross. (See Rule D10)
  •  If a ball was built into the Robot and later removed by hand, then the entire Robot had to cross. The ball was part of the Robot, so the entire Robot needed to cross. (See Rule D04)

 The Gate must be flattened by the end of the Match, but how and when that happens doesn’t matter. For this Mission, Teams and Referees alike clearly need to know the difference between something which is Transported by the Robot and something which is part of the Robot. Rules D10 and D04. Teams: If you’re unclear about that difference, study it, or your strategy could be risky. Referees: If You’re unclear about that difference, study it, or you’ll need to over-use Rule GP3.

M02 – Block Solar Panel
05.11.2018 - 10:11 Uhr

Is it allowed to block the solar panels with equipment?

Yes, to block the solar panels with equipment is allowed.

Update Hungarian Robot Game Document
02.10.2018 - 12:09 Uhr

Update Hungarian Robot Game Document

We have revised and clarified the Hungarian Robot Game document. You can find the new document under the following link


Update for M03 and M05
28.08.2018 - 16:18 Uhr

Update for M03 and M05

Core Samples can be used to earn points as described in Missions M03 and M05 even if the Core Site Model’s axle is not completely empty. This means additional possible scores related to the Core Samples include: 8, 10, 12, 18, and 20.

M02 – Solar Panel Array
28.08.2018 - 15:59 Uhr

Is it allowed to move both solar panels?
Yes, that is allowed. M02 is a task with two models. Both teams are allowed to bring both solar panels into the desired position.

Update of M14 – Meteoroid deflection
17.08.2018 - 13:50 Uhr

Update of M14 – Meteoroid deflection

The meteoroid catcher described in the Mission Model Building Instructions is correct. You can ignore the slight difference seen in the pictures of the document FLL_2018_19_Robot_Game_Rules_Setup_Missions.

M04 – Crater Crossing: clarification
15.08.2018 - 15:04 Uhr

Clarification to M04 – Crater Crossing

At M04, the text under „Scoring Requirements“ is decisive for the evaluation. The text under „Mission“ serves to describe the task.

All weight-bearing features, which are in topview over the crater, must completely cross the crater model between the towers.

This must also happen from east to west and go completely past the flattened gate.

If the rover is carried by another part during the crossing (read: this part is above the crater model), then this carrying part must also cross the crater in accordance with the guidelines given in „Scoring Requirements“.

Pushing is not a firm connection.

M15 – Lander setup
15.08.2018 - 09:26 Uhr

M15 – Lander setup

In this video, you can see how the lander is correctly clamped in the lander release during field setup.

M03 – Studs of 2x4 brick
10.08.2018 - 13:38 Uhr

When setting up M03, do the studs of the 2 × 4 stone in the 3D printer have to point upwards?

It is not absolutely necessary that the studs of the 2 × 4 stone in the 3D printer point upwards. They can also point down.

Possible scores in Mission M06
02.08.2018 - 15:51 Uhr

Is the information on the possible scores in Mission M06 in the Robot Game document incomplete?

Yes. The possible scores in Mission M06 are: 0, 14, 16, 30, 32, 46.

Publishing of challenge missions
23.10.2018 - 09:45 Uhr

When and how will the missions for the 2018/19 challenge INTO ORBITSM be published?

The publishing date for the challenge is every year in August. In 2018 the kickoff for the challenge will be 1st of August. The missions for INTO ORBITSM will be published online.

Gap between target and border wall
30.05.2018 - 12:20 Uhr

Does the gap between the target on the mat and the border wall also belong to the target?

Yes, the gap between target and border wall also belongs to the target, respectively. So the target is theoretical “extended” to the border wall.

Return to Base
30.05.2018 - 12:20 Uhr

Does the robot return to the Base after each mission?

No, the robot can return to the Base as often as you want. He does not have to do this after every mission. It can also combine several missions. This saves time.

Additional LEGO pieces in the challenge sets
30.05.2018 - 12:21 Uhr


To which model and which task do the white and orange LEGO pieces you've got with the challenge set belong to?

The white “coach'”pieces you'll get with the challenge sets are an accessory for the coach. They can be used as a reference to be a coach during a challange. The orange tool you'll get simplify the separating one Lego piece from another.


Playing field
30.05.2018 - 12:26 Uhr

Do the areas between the playing field mat and the border walls also belong to the playing field or to the individual target areas?


Yes, the areas up to the border walls also belong to it.

Border walls
30.05.2018 - 12:21 Uhr


What are the dimensions of the border walls from a Playing Table used during a FLL tournament?

The measurements are published on our website under There you'll find assembly instructions for new tables with border dimensions of 8 cm high and 4 cm wide. The border dimensions of 10 cm high and 5 cm wide are the measurements of the "old tables".
Please note: Some tournaments use new and some use old tables. Please contact the FLL Regional Partner of your chosen tournament to request the measurements of their tables.  

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