Off-Season Challenge 2019/20


The FIRST® LEGO® League season went by so fast again? Here are the good news: It continues! We have a challenge for you, where you are able to show everything you have learned. In the categories Robot Game, Research and Teamwork you can show again, what you can do. You can also win great prizes! Are you ready for the challenge after the challenge?

You can find everything about the challenge on this flyer:

Participation conditions

Who can participate? All FIRST® LEGO® League teams from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

How can you participate? The coach must complete the registration form and submit the video file with all three challenges until the submission deadline. Participation is free.

When is the deadline? May 29th, 2020

What can you win? A full FLL scholarship A full FLL-scholarship for the season 2020/21, attractive prizes and lots of fun!

When will the winners be published? The winner will be informed and announced three weeks after the deadline.

We are looking forward to your submissions and are excited to see your ideas!


Timeschedule 2019/20

December 2019 Start of registration for the Off-Season Challenge 2019/20
May 29th, 2020 Deadline
until June 22nd, 2019 Evaluation & Awards

You will find more information on the challenge and the form to register here soon. Until then you can get familiar with the missions and look at the videos of the winners of last years challenge.

Participate - it's that easy!

1. Produce videos

Produce your videos in German or English. Please remember not to post any video of your team members without obtaining the consent of all guardians. Discuss a release before in the team!

2. Send video file

Send your video file as a zip-file by WeTransfer to

Please note:

  • FLL team name and FLL team number must be included in the file name
  • Formats: mp4 oder .wave
  • maximum file size: 2GB
3. Complete the registration form

The coach should read first the Conditions of Competition and Privacy Policy.

Then, the coach has to complete the registration form.

Here is the link to the registration form.


You are also welcome to share your videos under the hashtag #offseasonFLL on all social media channels.


Show your know-how, your creativity and communication skills. Our challenge is made of the three well-known parts of FIRST® LEGO® League Research, Teamwork and Robot Game. Nevertheless, there are special challenges waiting for you!

1. Robot Game - New Mission

Develop a new mission with existing mission models based on the CITY SHAPERSM mat.

Be creative and surprise us with your innovative ideas! Solve this mission with your robot and send us a video of it. The video can be up to 40 seconds.

2. Research - Elevator Pitch

This part will be about the research project of the current season, especially about the innovative solution: Imagine getting into an elevator and meeting important decision-makers. You only have this short time during the elevator ride to convince them of your solution.

Send us a video summarizing the key points of your research project in a maximum of 30 seconds and presenting your innovative solution convincingly!

3. Teamwork - Enthusiastic Others

The FIRST® LEGO® League is all about helping and inspiring each other. Tell another school or class about FIRST® LEGO® League and get them excited about joining in next FLL season.

Send us a video showing you in 40 seconds why it's so much fun to be part of the FLL!


All applications will be judged by an independent jury based on the criteria of innovation, creativity and communication skills. Show us that you can come up with new solutions and how creative you can be. It is also important for the judges to see how well the team members understand each other and can work together.

The Judges

These FIRST® LEGO® League Enthusiasts will judge your work and find the best three teams:

Susan Bergelt (37), scientific employee

For the twelfth time we are organizing the regional tournament of the FIRST® LEGO® League in Zwickau. It is a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of the children during the preparation and also during the event. Many of the participants can be seen every year and it is exciting for us to see their development over the years.

Some of them now sit in our lecture halls and after their active FIRST® LEGO® League time, they have started their studies in the technical field.

Ralf Fischer (37), Software Product Manager, Sage GmbH

I am an enthusiastic LEGO® builder, professionally I am often the link between technology and its users.
Within the Sage Foundation I support the FIRST® LEGO® League as a judge and coordinate all FIRST® LEGO® League activities of the Sage in Central Europe as a Foundation Ambassador.

Tim Waibel (20), Computer Science student

The FIRST® LEGO® League has been a big hobby of mine since I was 10 years old. At FIRST® LEGO® League, I've had a lot of great experiences that I like to remember, learning many things that I still benefit from today.

At first participating as a team member, I am now traveling as a coach, mentor, judge or referee across Europe and even to Brazil to support teams and organizers in their FIRST® LEGO® League participations and competitions.

Winners of the Off-Season Challenge 2018/19

The jury chose their winners for the INTO ORBITSM Off-Season Challenge - these teams have climbed the podium:

1st place - HTRoboTeam

Robot-Game - New Mission Forschung - Elevator Pitch Teamwork - Enthusiastic Others

The team receives a full scholarship for the 2019 season (participation fee and FLL challenge set).

2nd place - Heldele Robotics

The jury says: The team has designed its own, interesting model. The technical implementation of the videos is great.

Robot-Game - New Mission Forschung - Elevator Pitch Teamwork - Enthusiastic Others

The team will receive a LEGO® Mindstorms EV3 Education Supplement Set.

3rd place - LAK-LEGO Astronauten Kids

This is what the jury says: The team has brilliantly implemented a great idea   that focuses on sustainability in the Robot Game. Great creativity in the teamwork task proved.

Robot-Game - New Mission Forschung - Elevator Pitch Teamwork - Enthusiastic Others

The team receives a FLL Challenge set of the season 2019.

We congratulate the participants and thank all the teams for their submissions - you can watch all the posts on our YouTube-Playlist. We are looking forward to the next edition of the Off-Season Challenge after the CITY SHAPERSM season - be prepared!