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FLL SF Southwest



Donnersberghalle Rockenhausen

Obermühle 1
67806 Rockenhausen

Heiko Baumann

IGS Rockenhausen
Mühlacker 25
67806 Rockenhausen

E-Mail: heikobaumannhochspeyer@web.de

  • After the FLL Regional Tournament qualified teams are supposed to register via email to info@hands-on-technology.org for the FLL Semi Final.

    Costs: Per Team a participation fee of 100 € is charged.


  • FLL Wettbewerbstische_Rockenhausen   PDF
  • Semi Final Southwest_Rockenhausen_Zeitplan   PDF

Qualification Mode & Tournament Dates

The number of teams which qualify from regional FLL tournaments to FLL Semi Finals and from there to the FLL Final Central Europe varies and depends on the number of registered teams in each tournament at the registration deadline (28.10.2017). Here you can find the exact breakdown as well as an overview of all dates and locations for the FLL season 2017/18 "HYDRO DYNAMICS".