What is FLL Junior ?

It is never too early to discover STEM (science, technology, engeneering, mathematics)!

FIRST® LEGO® League Junior was created by an initiative of the American foundation FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and LEGO and has been developed to bring children from six to ten years to the STEM theme. The children will be introduced to the topics by the colorful bricks they already know.


Accompanied by two or more adult coaches, the teams (up to six team members) explore real existing problems such as ressources, recycling, energy, or the coexistence of humans and animals. They create a Show Me poster that presents their discovery and their team, and they build a motorized model of LEGO bricks. On the "journey" the children learn to work together in a team and explore the wonders of science and technology. The focus of the project are the FLL Junior Core Values such as respectful approach, shared experience and critical thinking. At the end of each season, the teams meet for an exhibition to present their results, share ideas and have fun together.

Team & Coach


A FLL Junior Team consists of up to six team members between the ages of six and 10 years. Children should not be younger or older. The deadline for this age limit is 31 December of the year in which the tasks are published. The deadline for the season 2017/18 is therefore December, 31st 2017.

A FLL Junior team is supported by at least two adult coaches (minimum age 18 years). The coach is the contact person for the organizers of the exhibition. He/she accompanies and motivates the team during the preparation time and at the exhibition day.

Is previous knowledge required to participate in FLL Junior?

For FLL Junior technical and non-technical skills are welcome and essential. In order to be successful in the project, the teams need creativity and skill beyond a technical understanding. Each team member can   bring their own talent. 

As a coach you should be interested in technology and science  . In addition, a coach should be happy to help children discover and learn. [Nbsp] However, no special technical knowledge is required. For anyone who wants to coach a FLL Junior Team, we provide sufficient preperation materials.

What materials are required?

  • Robot Set

FLL Junior recommends the LEGO Education We Do Set (all versions) to participate in the program. However, all LEGO materials are allowed to motorize the LEGO model.

  • Motivation Set

Each officially registered FLL Junior team receives a so-called Motivation Set. This set contains approximately 550 LEGO bricks and elements, 8 Minifigures, as well as 6 building plates (16x16 cm). The Motivation Set is the starting point for the project work and the model to be built for the teams. There is a new motivation set every season.

  • LEGO bricks and elements

Teams will not need to buy additional building plates and LEGO elements. They are of course free to purchase and use additional LEGO elements if they want.

How much time is needed?

As a coach, you should meet with the team at least once a week during the preperation phase (approximately 12 team meetings). In addition, the coach accompanies the team on the day of the exhibition. 

For the team members, the same time period applies. It is like a sports activity. The more prepared and practiced the team is, the bigger the success will be.

What are the costs?

The registration fee for FLL Junior is € 137.00 per team. The registration fee includes:

  • Season documents

Yearly changing season document and topic, created in collaboration with experts from the respective saison theme.

  • Motivation Set (shipping included)

The Motivation Set includes various LEGO elements and bricks, Minifigures and building plates. From the end of August it will be sent to officially registered teams. 

  • Resources for the coaches

Tips on web links, books, and resources to find support materials for the season theme.

  • Team Meeting Guide

A guide adjusted for the six- to twelve-week preparation phase. The guide provides hours or activities to assist the coach during the season.

  • Engineering Notebook

A workbook for the teammembers which can be used at every teammeeting. The workbook provides tasks, places for notes and drawings. 

Schedule Season 2017/18

April, 10th 2017 Registration opens
August, 29th 2017 FLL Junior Kickoff: Missions are published
mid November 2017 until March 2018 FLL Junior Exhibitions
March, 1st 2018 Registration closes
Unofficial FLL Junior exhibitions

In addition to the official FLL Junior exhibitions, other small unofficial exhibitions can be arranged upon request. As part of a project week, or an open day until the end of May 2018. If you have any questions, please contact us.

FLL Junior Core Values

The FIRST LEGO League Junior Core Values are the cornerstones of the program. They are among the basic elements that distinguish FLL Junior from   other programs of this kind. Each FLL Junior team and everyone who is in contact with FLL Junior teams should understand and respect these Core Values.

  • We are a team.
  • We do the work. Our coaches help us learn, but we find the answers ourselves.
  • We share our experiences and discoveries with others.
  • We are helpful, kind, and show respect when we work, play, and share.
  • We are all winners.
  • We have fun!


FLL Junior honors the achievements and successes of every team and every participant!

The official FIRST LEGO Legaue Junior exhibitions are organized by partners of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. Each team is honored at the exhibition for the work done and receives an award.

Examples of possible awards are:

Amazing Movement Award

This team worked together to incorporate amazing movement using LEGO motors into their model design.

Gracious Professionalism Award

For exemplifying Gracious Professionalism —a core FLL Junior value. This team was thoughtful, kind, and showed respect towards others

Against All Odds Award

For overcoming incredible odds of an unforeseen nature.  This team was able to improvise, adapt and recover out of sheer determination.

Effort and Learning Award

For a strong effort and a willingness to learn and try new things. This team prepared for success.

Complexity and Decoration Award

For beautiful model construction, with great decorative touches.

Explosive Ideas Award

For flash, sizzle, and pizzazz based in solid research and innovative ideas. This team used their explosive ideas to design an eye-catching research poster and explosive team model.

Robust Design Award

The team whose understanding and application of construction knowledge allowed them to produce a very solid and sturdy design. 

Construction Innovation Award

For demonstrating creative thinking. This team created excellent designs and built quality components without any instructions or outside assistance. 

Spirit Award

Enthusiasm, spirit, excitement, and accomplishment. This team showed the ability to get other people excited about FLL Junior because of their enthusiasm, spirit, and excitement about what they accomplished.

Outstanding Teamwork Award

For hard work on teamwork, success as a team came first. Always first to a team solution, this team knows that together everyone achieves more. 

Journey Award

This team was able to create an awesome poster that showed their Jr.FLL journey from start to finish. 

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