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Rule R14 and rule R15 'transporting any object'

Last update on 2016-11-11 by Lisa Frenzel.


Does the definition of 'transported models/objects' in R14 and R15 also include the attachments which are not firmly attached to the robot?

Yes, this also includes the non-fixed attachments to the robot.



What is meant by 'transporting any object' under rule R14 and rule R15?

For the word 'transporting' here, you would have to refer to our definition of 'transporting' which is:

D10 - TRANSPORTING - If the robot is in contact with something for the obvious purpose of taking it, changing its location, or releasing it, the robot is “transporting” it.

Then, you have to check the definition of robot, because that is another defined word:

D04 - ROBOT - Your “robot” is your LEGO MINDSTORMS controller and all the rquipment you’ve combined with it by hand which is not intended to separate from it, except by hand.

So a transported object would be anything, not part of the robot (see definition) that your robot is in contact with for the purpose of taking it, changing its location, or releasing it.

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