On this page you find some of the most frequently asked questions. The replies apply to all FLL teams in all FLL competitions in Central Europe.

Mission M04: Feeding

Last update on 2016-12-15 by Lisa Frenzel.


Who is allowed to do the food rations in the refrigerator?

Before each launch, the referee is the only person who is allowed to place the feed rations in random order in the refrigerator.



What happens if the refrigerator is blocked?

If the refrigerator is blocked so that no (further) food rations can be falling out of it, the referee can do the following: He/She can have the (remaining/all) food rations for example in his/her pocket and place them in front of the refrigerator so that a team is able to continue the mission.



Will a team get points when multiple coloured food rations are in one animal area?

No, a team only gets the points, when just one coloured food ration is in the animal area. A team would score zero points if more than one colored food ration is in an animal area. If the food rations do not match, you would not score for either of them!


Can a team get the 10 points, when for example one "red" food ration is in and another food ration is partly in the animal area? 

Compared to D07 only the one 'complety in' would socre. The one beeing 'partly in' would not score. But the team will get the 'benefit of the doubt'.


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