On this page you find some of the most frequently asked questions. The replies apply to all FLL teams in all FLL competitions in Central Europe.

Mission M03: Animal conservation

Last update on 2017-01-11 by Lisa Frenzel.



When does an animal model count as 'changed'?

Once the respective animal model has been rotated across the gap that is created when the two game tables are assembled, it counts as on the other side of the playing field. The teams receive the points.



How many animal-models can be transported at the same time per rotation of the animal conservation model?

Only one animal-model can be changed at the same time per team and per turn. If it's the model with the frogs, of course the yellow and the blue frog could only be changed together at the same time per team and per turn.



On one animal-model are two frogs. How will they count in the evaluation?

There is a yellow and a blue frog on one animal-model. If the teams change this animal-model, they get the corresponding points for EVERY identical-looking animal pair.


Who is allowed to put an anmial from the
 Base to the tray before the match will start? Who is allowed to take this animal down and to put the next animal on the model during the match?

Before the match, the team has to ask the Referee to place their chosen animal on the tray of the conservation model.  If a team decides to take a different animal than the reindeer, the referee puts the reindeer on the free space animal area on the playing field.

During the match, the robot has to take the animal off the tray and has to do any loading.


If the border from the table is to high, it's not possible to place the animal conservation model correctly. What can I do?

With the help of 2x6 LEGO pieces with the number 300826 (the type of piece is important, not the colour) and dual lock it is possible to increase the animal conservation model.

1. Stick two of the mentioned LEGO pieces together. You'll get 'ONE large' LEGO piece out of it. This one is just as wide as the stand of the conservation model. 

2. Stick three of these 'large' LEGO pieces horizontal together with Dual Lock. 

3. Use Dual Lock also for sticking the LEGO pieces at the mat and at the animal conservation model.


Is it allowed to push the animal down by hand after chancing it with the tray from one field to the other? 


No, that's not allowed. Rule R16 says that it's not allowed to negatively affect the other team except as described in a mission. If you push the animal from the tray on the side of the other team it could influence their game. And after the match started only the robot can interact with the animal.

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