Meetup 2020

Our barcamp for regional partners, coaches, volunteers and friends of FIRST LEGO League: network, discuss and develop new ideas!

Many different perspectives come together and exchange ideas: At the FIRST LEGO League Meetup our community meets once a year at a barcamp to discuss new developments, consult, plan, develop ideas and network. The topics? Are decided by the participants themselves! Each participant can introduce topics and discuss with exactly the people that are also interested in that topic. This way, everyone can take away the best of these two days.

See for yourself how it works:


The #fllmeetup20 takes place on September, 17 and 18, because of the special circumstances this year it is going to be remote. On both days we will meet between 13:30 and 18.00.

Regional partners and registered coaches for the 2020/21 season automatically get an invite. You are referees, judges, volunteers or friends of FIRST LEGO League and want to take part in the Meetup too? We would love that! Just send an email to Tina.
Please note that the prevailing language will be German. You can always ask questions in English or see if there will be specific sessions in English.