Exhibition locations

all FIRST LEGO League Explore regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

In order to respond to regionally different pandemic contact restrictions, there will be three different types of exhibitions in the 2020/21 season:

  • On-site: The exhibition will be entirely local.
  • Remote: The exhibition will be completely remote.
  • Hybrid: The exhibition will partly take place locally and partly remotely.

The locations are marked accordingly on the list. Details can be found on the respective site page of the location and here on remote options in general.

Göppingen (on-site) [de]


Registration until: 20.02.2021

Schulverbund Süßen
Schulstraße 2
D-73079 Süßen


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut von Eiff helmut.eiff@hs-esslingen.de

Förderverein Technikfreundliches Süßen e.V.
Prof. Dr. Helmut von Eiff
Schlosshaldenstraße 21
D-73079 Süßen

in Kooperation mit:

Schulverbund Süßen
Schulstraße 2
D-73079 Süßen

  • The exhibition will be part of the FIRST LEGO League regional tournament in Göppingen.
Die Heldele-Stiftung bietet allen Teilnehmern des Challenge Wettbewerbs und der Explore Ausstellung in Süßen ein Sponsoring an. Alle Teams die den Name Heldele im Teamnamen integriert haben, z.B. Heldele-Scholl-Team erhalten eine finanzielle Unterstützung von insgesamt 278,00 € (137,00 € Teilnahmegebühr, 129,00 € Spielfeld und 12,00 € Verpackung-/Versandkosten) für Challenge Teams und 149,00 € für Explore Teams. Bei Rückfragen hierzu wenden Sie sich an Frau Allmendinger (sabine.allmendinger@heldele.de) von der Heldele-Stiftung.

Map of FIRST LEGO League Explore Exhibitions

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No close location?

You can't find any close FIRST LEGO League Explore location to your place? Then you have two other options: you can either take part in FIRST LEGO League Explore as an unofficial team (more details below) or you become a FIRST LEGO League Explore regional partner of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. yourself. You can find all information regarding organizing an official FIRST LEGO League Explore exhibition in the area "Become a partner of FIRST LEGO League Explore".

Unofficial FIRST LEGO League Explore Exhibitions

In addition to the official FIRST LEGO League Explore exhibitions, other small unofficial exhibitions can be arranged upon request. As part of a project week, or an open day until the end of May 2021. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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