In the classroom

Here you will learn how the whole class can participate

Package for the classroom

FIRST LEGO League Explore (formerly FIRST LEGO League Junior) covers many important learning contents that are a topic at primary schools at the same time: The children learn to express their ideas and find solutions in the group. By dealing with STEM topics, the children acquire first skills in technical and digital education.

We therefore offer the "FIRST LEGO League Explore - In the Classroom" package for schools.

With this package, teachers can integrate the project into lessons according to their own time schedule, as they do not have to follow the schedule of the FIRST LEGO League Explore season. For a nice end to the project, it is a good idea to organize an internal school event. At this event, the children have the opportunity to present their team models and research posters and receive awards for their participation - just like at an exhibition of the official FIRST LEGO League Explore. This internal event is optional.