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We are pleased about your interest! Registration for the project In the Classroom is possible at any time.

You can order the package for the current 2021/22 CARGO CONNECT season here. The package will be shipped after receipt of payment. If you are interested in the material of a previous season, e.g. for the 2020/21 Playmakers season, you can purchase the In the Classroom package at a lower price through our support association HANDS on e.V.

The package is available with either German or English documents. German-language documents are available in printed form, the English-language documents are available as PDF files.

Delivered goods cannot be returned. If you have any questions about the project or the process, please feel free to contact Andrea Kaden by email at any time.

For the Explore In the classroom project, the exhibition will be organized within your school. In addition, it is possible to register one of the teams for an official exhibition. Please plan a few weeks in advance and choose an exhibition with free capacity. A list of all locations can be found here. Please contact us to register for an official exhibition. This registration is included in the registration fee of the project In the Classroom. For the participation of additional teams in an official exhibition, there is a cost of 79 € per team. The conditions of participation can be read here.

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