Materials, time, costs, and funding

What is included?

Which materials are needed?

The package includes all the materials needed for up to 30 children and two coaches - meaning that up to 5 teams in one class can work on the project at the same time. 

  • Inspire Set
    Each class team receives five so-called Inspire Sets. Each set contains approximately 700 LEGO bricks and elements, 8 minifigures, and 6 base plates 16 cm × 16 cm). The Inspire Set is the starting point for the project work and the model to be built for the teams. Every season there is a new Inspire Set.
  • Guide for team meetings for coaches/teachers
    With the two Team Meeting Guides, we give the coaches all the information they need to prepare and conduct the meetings. (Attention: German language documents are included in printed form in the package. English language documents will be sent as printable PDF.)
  • Engineer notebooks
    Each classroom set includes 30 engineer notebooks. Each team member receives a copy at the first team meeting. The engineers notebook is to be used by the team members to record ideas, notes and sketches and is needed at every team meeting. (Attention: German language documents are included in printed form in the package. English language documents will be sent as printable PDF.)
  • Medals and Certificates
    The set contains 30 medals and five certificates. The medals and certificates will be sent as a separate package.
  • Guidance document for exhibition organization at the school
    The package also includes a guide on how to organize a FIRST LEGO League Explore exhibition at school.

In addition, each of the five teams requires:

  • Robot set (not included in the price)
    By default, we encourage FIRST LEGO Explore Teams to use LEGO Education WeDo/WeDo 2.0. Experienced teams can also use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot sets on condition that only one motor and max. to integrate two sensors into their model.
  • LEGO bricks
    Teams do not need any other LEGO bricks and base plates in addition to the Inspire Set. But of course, each team is free to use more LEGO elements.

How much time is needed?

As a teacher, you can integrate the topic very well into the lessons and are not bound to any time limit.

We recommend an internal school exhibition as a conclusion of the project, where all children have the opportunity to present their team models and research posters. They will receive awards (in the form of medals and certificates) for their participation - just like at an exhibition of the official FIRST LEGO League Explore. This internal event is optional.

The individual schedule may depend on whether one (or more) team(s) from the class should participate in an official exhibition.

What costs arise?

The package "FIRST LEGO League Explore in the classroom" has a price of 435 € (incl. VAT and excl. shipment*) and is sufficient for 30 children or 5 teams. It contains:

  • 5 Inspire Sets 

  • 30 Engineer Notebooks

  • 2 Guides for the team meetings

  • 30 Medals and 5 Team Certificates

  • Guidance document for exhibition organization at the school

  • Participation in an official exhibition for a team from the class

* Shipment costs in D: 39.00 €, AT: 65.00 €, CH: 93.00 €.

What kind of funding is there?

In cooperation with committed partners, we would like to make it possible for even more children and young people to take part in FIRST LEGO League Explore In the classroom.

Many thanks to the supporting partners!

Funding scope and application

To apply, please first have a look at this website to see exactly what the different conditions and amounts of funding look like. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail:

Fill out the application form and send it to us via e-mail. We will confirm the receipt of your application and contact you if you were selected for a scholarship.

Please note that we need a donation receipt from you within four weeks of receiving the funding, otherwise you will be invoiced for the material and participation.


For the current 2021/2022 season, we have already been able to provide funding to numerous elementary schools for our FIRST LEGO League Explore In the Classroom educational program.

Many thanks go to the following companies:
Sage, Amazon Future Engineer