FLL Tournament Conditions

Read all conditions carefully and confirm them finally.

By the registration of your FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team, you as the team coach agree with having read the following tournament conditions and follow them. As a FLL coach you are responsible to forward the tournament conditions to all team members, volunteer assistants as well as to further persons involved in the FLL Team.

1. FLL Coach

I note that each team has to appoint at least one adult coach (min. 18 years). He is the main contact and in charge of the team and co-coaches.

As HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. would like to ensure the prosperity of the children taking part in FIRST LEGO League we reserve the right to have coaches and mentors checked by police.

I agree that I will be the person coaching the team during the whole FLL season. If there will be a change and another coach taking over my position, HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. has to be informed within the next 5 working days. To take over an existing team the new coach needs to confirm the tournament conditions as well. If the coach does not contradict the tournament conditions within 5 working days after taking over the team the conditions are considered to be accepted.

2. Communication with the FLL Organisation via e-mail & website

I note that:

  • the communication within the FLL programme will be via email and the FLL website. Therefore, I have to indicate a valid e-mail address for communication means with the FLL Organisation (HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V.).
  • the FLL Newsletter comprehends important information about the current season.
  • my e-mail address can be passed on to other FLL teams.
3. FLL Team Number

I agree to use the given FLL Team Number for each correspondence with HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V..

4. Team Composition

Hereby, I take note of the fact that each FLL Team should consist of 3 to 10 children aged between 9 to 16 (on the day of the challenge release on 29th of August 2017).

No team member may be simultaneously registered in several teams.

I note that I have to register another team if the team consists of more than 10 children.

I can register several teams. All teams have to participate in the same tournament region.

5. FLL Regional Tournament

I agree that my FLL Team will be reallocated to another FLL Tournament Region if my chosen tournament region does not have enough team registrations (at least 12, for new FLL Tournament Region: at least 10 teams) at closing date (13th of October 2017).

6. Shipping FLL Challenge Set

I take note that the FLL Challenge Set will be sent at the end of August 2017 to the delivery address specified by me (only if the invoice is paid). If the FLL Challenge Set can’t be delivered (e.g. due to holiday time, wrong address, etc.), I agree that the new shipment will be charged. The FLL Challenge Set will be sent after payment.

7. Team Deregistration

I agree to inform HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. as soon as possible if my team cannot take part in the tournament. Teams need to be deregistered at HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. (HoT e.V.). Please give notice to HoT e.V. immediately. Deregistration notices to FLL Regional Partners only cannot be accepted. In case of deregistration can no costs be paid back.

HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. is entiteled to exclude teams from the tournament if significant reasons are given (e.g. a serious coach intervention in the teams’s work). Already paid registration fees will be retained.

8. Usage of Picture Rights within the Context of FLL

I take note of the fact that any interdiction of publishing pictures of team members which have been taken within the context of FLL need to be sent in written form to the not-for-profit organisation HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. by the legal guardian. (During the preparation of the tournament and the FLL tournament day there may be media coverage about the tournament (e.g. print/radio/TV). Teams may be accompanied by journalists e.g. during the preparation period or a reporter follows the happenings of the tournament by the example of a particular team. All rights of use on pictures or other materials that have been taken within the context of FLL Central Europe reside with HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. The usage apart from FLL is only permitted after written confirmation of HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. In case of media coverage the FLL coach is in charge of informing the parents about the release and if necessary to forward the veto from the legal guardian to the media and to HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V.).

Print Tournament Conditions

If you want to print the tournament conditions in full length please download the print version below.