Find out here what you need to participate

Team & Coach

A FIRST LEGO League Challenge team consists of:

  • 2 to 10 members aged between 9 and 16 years.
    • The cut-off date for age is January 1 of the calendar year in which the missions are published.
  • at least 1 coach (at least 18 years).
    • He/she is the contact person, manages the team during the preparation period and organizes the participation at the tournament.
    • Additionally, a maximum of 2 co-coaches (at least 16 years) can be registered.
    • One coach can register several teams – but all in the same tournament region. A list of all tournaments can be found here.

Note: 6–10 year old children can participate in the division FIRST LEGO League Explore.


  • The participation fee is 137.00 Euro per team.
  • The Robot Game Challenge Set costs 129.00 Euro.
  • The costs for postage and packaging are 12.00 Euro in Germany, 23.00 Euro in Austria and 37.00 Euro in Switzerland.

Tip: Contact a local company if you need financial support. A sponsor can take over costs for the participation invoice and/or the production of team shirts, or support you for example with travel expenses.


The online registration for the 2020/21 season starts on April 20, 2020 and is open until November 29, 2020. The registration is done by the coach. Further information about the registration.

If necessary, teams can also register after the registration deadline. Please send a mail to Magdalena Höhne.

The coach must confirm the terms and conditions of the tournament at the time of registration. You can read them here.

Robot set

The robot sets LEGO Mindstorms and, from the 2020/21 season, LEGO SPIKE Prime are eligible for the tournament.

If you do not have a robot set by your own, we can help you out by renting a LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 to you during the first year of your participation. Further information can be found here.

The following material is allowed for building the robot:

1 contoller (=programmable module)
  • LEGO Mindstorms (EV3, NXT, RCX, Robot Inventor) und LEGO SPIKE Prime
  • On the day of the tournament a team will compete in at least 3 matches. For each match 1 controller may be used.

in total max. 4 of the following motors  

  • EV3 servomotor large and medium
  • NXT servo motor
  • RCX motor
  • Technic large and medium-sized angular motor (from the 2020/21 season)

any number of the following external sensors

  • EV3 touch,  colour,  ultrasonic and  gyro sensor
  • NXT touch, light, colour and ultrasonic sensor
  • RCX touch, light and rotation sensor
  • Technic distance, colour and force sensor (from the 2020/21 season)

additional regulations

  • No other electrical/electronic parts are permitted.
  • An unlimited number of non-electrical LEGO  elements may be used (exception: LEGO motors that can be wound by hand).


  • The software with which the robot is programmed can be chosen by each team.

Challenge Set & Robot Game Table

  • In the Robot Game, the robot must perform various tasks on a playing field. The playing field is called Challenge Set.
  • The Challenge Set consists of a 3.5 m2 roll-out mat and various LEGO models, which are assembled by the team itself according to building instructions and placed on the mat.
  • The mat needs to be rolled out on a Robot Game table. This table is approx. 236 cm × 114 cm and must have a border (= perimeter). The table can easily be built with our instructions. You only have to decide for one of the two building instructions. Then you can start!


  • You can register from mid-April to mid-October (2020: to November, 29).
  • We will publish the annual theme in spring, but the exact challenges will be published at the beginning of August.
  • From then on, the teams have at least twelve weeks to build and program their robot and complete the research project.
  • An additional day is needed to take part in the tournament.

A schedule for 2020/21 FIRST LEGO League Challenge season can be found here.


During the preparation period, the teams meet once or several times a week to work on the robot and the research project. For the team meetings you will need a suitable room in which the Robot Game tournament table can be placed. Ideally, this room should also provide space for tables and chairs and, if necessary, a computer with internet access so that you can work on the research project.


For new as well as experienced coaches we offer various tools to help them get started and to guide their team through the Challenge tournament season.

Besides the ressources offered here registered coaches will find the team handbook and from the beginning of August the specific season documents in the Coach Account.

Team brochure

The team brochure provides information about FIRST LEGO League Challenge in general, shows what material is needed, how a team prepares for the tournament, what happens on the tournament day and what tools are available for a coach.

Note: The team brochure is only available in German.

Coach checklist: prior to the tournament day

The tasks of a coach are wide-ranging. We have compiled a list of what a coach has to think about during the preparation and during the tournament season.

Coach checklist: on the tournament day

To ensure that everything runs smoothly on tournament day, we have compiled a list of what a coach and the team must think about on tournament day.

Jumpstart Coach Workshop

The FIRST LEGO League Challenge Jumpstart Workshops are a Germany-wide initiative offered by the NanoGiants Academy e.V. in cooperation with HANDS on TECHNOLOGY e.V. The aim of the workshop is to explain how Challenge works and what the role of the coach is. In addition, the "12 Golden Rules for Coaches" will be taught, so that in the first season the foundations are laid for long-term success.

Further information and dates can be found at


It is absolutely okay if you look for mentors who support you in certain fields and advise you with their know-how. Talk to a company, for example. Both you and the company will benefit from the exchange, because companies have the opportunity to contribute to the promotion of young talents and the transfer of knowledge. They can inspire you at an early stage for certain branches and fields of work. The advantage for you is that you can get to know companies and their working methods in addition to your theoretical considerations.

In the case of a research project, the involvement of one or more experts with whom you discuss the solution you have found is even an evaluation criterion.

You can also be a mentor!

It is our special interest to encourage the exchange between FIRST LEGO League Challenge and Explore Teams. Look for an existing Explore Team, or even suggest the creation of an Explore Team and offer your help and support. The Explore Team benefits from your experience and knowledge, and you expand and consolidate your knowledge by passing it on to a younger team. You can also take on a leading role yourself and train soft skills such as team and organisational skills. In mentoring, both sides always win!