Here you can find out how your efforts are evaluated at FIRST LEGO League Challenge


FIRST LEGO League Challenge is a global education program. All teams are evaluated worldwide according to the same criteria. On the day of the tournament, judges and referees evaluate the teams according to defined criteria in the categories:

  • Robot Game
  • Robot Design
  • Resaerch Project
  • Judges Award

At the end of the tournament day, all teams will be honoured at the awards ceremony for their performance and commitment to the program and preparation - medals, certificates and trophies will be presented. The best teams in the categories and the overall winner, the so-called FIRST LEGO League Challenge Champion, will receive a trophy.

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Champion

Champion is the team that scores the most points overall across all categories. The points from the categories Robot Design, research, Teamwork and Robot Game are included in the overall ranking.

With regard to the Robot Game, only the best match from the three preliminary rounds will be used to calculate the overall ranking. Therefore, a team does not necessarily have to qualify for the final rounds of the Robot Game to become Challenge Champion.


Robot Game
  • The award for the Robot Game will be given to the team that was able to prevail against another team in the final rounds. The points of the two final rounds will be added up. The team with the higher score wins and receives the award for the best Robot Game.
Robot Design
  • The award for the best robot design is given to the team that has designed, built and programmed an innovative, robust robot and most conclusively presents the development process to the judges.
Research Project
  • The award for the best research is given to the team that demonstrates the deepest understanding of the various disciplines and aspects involved in the FIRST LEGO League Challenge research project through high-quality research, innovative solutions and a creative presentation.
  • The team with the greatest enthusiasm, the best sporting spirit, the most extraordinary respect for its own team members and the most support for other teams in the competition wins this award.
Judges Award
  • The award can be given to a team that shows special endurance and can master even the most complicated situations without giving up. This team frees itself from tricky situations by improvising, adapting or clearing the obstacle out of the way and still delivering an exceptional performance.
    OR the jury may choose to honour a newcomer team with this award. Teams participating in Challenge for the first time face greater challenges than teams that have already gained experience in previous competitions. The award goes to the team that, despite all the initial difficulties, can prove its ability to assert itself against experienced teams and achieve good results in the tournament.

Special category at the final

At the FIRST LEGO League Final for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the teams will be judged in some special categories in addition to the general categories. A fixed component of the special categories is the Live Challenge. Further special categories will be published prior to the final.

Live Challenge

With the help of an unknown robot the teams try to solve all three tasks within 20 minutes. To complete the tasks, the robot must be programmed by the team and extended with LEGO elements provided.

The award is given to the team that can solve most of the tasks in the shortest time.

The "Live Challenge" is evaluated by the teamwork judges and replaces the teamwork game, which is played in the regional and qualification competition during the teamwork evaluation.