Your questions

On this page you find some of the most frequently asked questions. The replies apply to all FIRST LEGO Challenge League teams in all competitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Your questions regarding the new season will be answered from August 4, 2020 after the challenge kickoff. Until this time you may find here general Questions & Answers about FIRST LEGO League Tournaments. Question can be sent to

Update about the current situation regarding the coronavirus:

FIRST, LEGO and us are on schedule for the preparations of the 2020/21 season and we are staying with the planned timeline for the registration, the challenge kickoff and the tournaments. You can find the details here.

Whether and to what extent there will be restrictions for the respective regional competitions on the respective dates due to legal regulations, instructions or recommendations from governments, ministries of education, health authorities or experts cannot be predicted at the present time. We are therefore working on a solution to replace individual competitions with virtual ones. There is a lot to think about and discuss, but together with our regional partners we will find a good way for teams to present their work and be evaluated adequately (i.e. ensure they are comparable to teams participating in physical competitions). The decision whether a competition is held virtually or physically will be made at least four weeks in advance in consultation with the regional organizers and the teams will be informed. As soon as we determine details about the virtual competitions, we will publish them.

The same applies for the shipment of the challenge sets: As usual, we are planning to start shipping at the end of July and together with our logistic partners we working on getting the sets to all teams in time for kickoff that have registered and payed until then.
(Date: April 21, 2020)