Overview of all FIRST LEGO League Challenge tournaments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, tournaments in the 2020-21 FIRST LEGO League Challenge season will be remote only. Qualifying tournaments will be cancelled and teams will qualify from the regional tournaments directly to the final. The following qualification mode applies (team number as of registration deadline):

  • up to 12 teams > 1 qualification slot
  • 13-18 teams > 2 qualification slots
  • from 19 teams > 3 qualification slots

Obrigheim [de]



Number of qualification places

Am Park 8
D-74847 Obrigheim


Marco Bauer marco.bauer@rsobrigheim.de

Realschule Obrigheim
Schubertstr. 2
D-74847 Obrigheim

  • At the FIRST LEGO League regional tournament in Obrigheim, the special award "MPDV Award for the Best Programming" will be presented in addition to the general trophies. The team whose programming stands out for its particularly clear and task-oriented structuring is to receive this award. The programmes created by the team should stand out due to their special quality, performance and user-friendliness. In addition, the innovative strength, i.e. the idea of solving the required tasks elegantly and safely in interaction with the mechanical attachments, will be evaluated. With this prize category, the criteria of MPDV programming are to be transferred to the regional competition.


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