Season Updates

Season schedule for teams

by Stefanie Sieber

After registration and delivery of the materials, the exciting preparation phase for the final events for which all dates have now been set begins for the teams.

For the participants in the FIRST LEGO League Challenge, this means constructing their robots, carrying out research projects and preparing presentations. The regional competitions take place from November to February, where the Challenge teams are evaluated in detail by judges and jurors. The best teams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland qualify for the final in April via qualifying competitions in March. This final is organized in Davos (CH) by us in close cooperation with the Graubünden Pedagocial College from Chur, Switzerland.

Meanwhile, the young explorers who have signed up for FIRST LEGO League Explore are already busy tinkering with their movable models and designing their team posters. Between November and May, they will proudly present their results at the final exhibitions.

More information on the schedule and useful links for this year's season can be found here.
Details of the venues and regional events are available on the regional events pages.

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