Season Updates

New in the Coach SharePoint

by Stefanie Sieber

The SharePoint for coaches offers you many important documents such as construction manuals and evaluation forms in the dashboard in the login area under "My coach documents". Brand new are declarations of consent for photos and personalized certificates.

Consent forms for photos in competitions: We have provided templates for consent forms regarding photos at competitions in the Coaches Documents section on Having parents sign these forms allows us and our regional partners to use photos taken on the day of the event to further promote the educational program. We encourage all teams to use these templates, have parents sign them, and return the signed copies to the event organizers.

Personalized certificates for participants: For coaches who would like to offer personalized participant certificates to their members, we have provided a new self-print template in Coach SharePoint. This allows you to create individual certificates for each team member, giving them a special memento of their participation in the FIRST LEGO League.

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