Season Updates

Discover our sponsorship opportunities for teams and classes

by Stefanie Sieber

Our generous sponsorship opportunities offer new teams and schools the unique chance to smoothly enter the exciting educational program of the FIRST LEGO League. We support with various sponsorship packages ranging from covering participation fees to providing high-quality program materials and robotics kits. This is all possible thanks to our dedicated sponsorship partners such as Dow, Motorola and ChangeX.

We currently offer the following sponsorship packages:

  • Dow is supporting school classes near its German sites to get involved in Challenge or Explore.
  • Explore teams in Austria have the opportunity to receive a 2-year sponsorship from Motorola.
  • With ChangeX, we have launched a special support program in the Frankfurt area for Challenge or Explore classes.

The application period is still open, so don't hesitate and seize these valuable opportunities to start your FIRST LEGO League journey. Apply now! We are happy to assist you with your educational adventure.

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