Saison Updates

Where to find what?

by Joseph Rothmaler

Our website has been around for some time with a new design. The content has been slimmed down and moved to new places. You will find all the content for the SUPERPOWERED season condensed into the engineering notebooks and team meeting guides in the tried and true login for coaches to download. To ensure that team members and volunteers also have access to important information about this year's educational program content, we have bundled it on the season website.

Guides & Notebooks

All registered coaches and co-coaches who have registered teams will have access to the login area. There, starting at 6 p.m. today, you will find the digital versions of the Engineer's Notebooks to share with your team members and the Team Meeting Guide for your season schedule.

Note: If you have registered a class for the FIRST LEGO League "In the Classroom" (Challenge or Explore), you will receive the printed booklets with your classroom packs in late August/early September. All Explore teams will also receive the printed version with their Explore sets by mail.

Website for the 2022/23 season

The season website is the central resource for information about the SUPERPOWERED season. You will find there, on the one hand, the monthly season updates that contain relevant information about the educational program, as well as resources that can help you as a team to prepare for competitions and exhibitions.

Use Season Updates as a regular go-to resource and source of information for your team. Please note: All clarifications of the rules and tasks for the Robot Game or similar can be found in the Season Updates, not in the FAQ! Many teams have questions that you might have as well, which arise during the season! We collect these frequently asked questions in the FAQ section, which you can find in the quick links in the footer of the page under FAQ.

In the resources you will find, depending on the program, the following, among others:

Under other sources of information, there are tips for exchanging information with other teams and the date as well as the dial-in data for the Open Office for Challenge Teams with us, which takes place every first Wednesday of the month at 3 p.m. - i.e. always one day after the season updates are published. You can just drop in as a coach or team member and ask us your questions about the education program. The first round will be tomorrow, Aug. 3 at 3 p.m. - you can find more info on dialing in here.

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