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STEM Label of Approval

by Stefanie Sieber

FIRST LEGO League is a great STEM activity in school or extracurricular settings, the educational program can be implemented in class or as an extracurricular activity e.g. in all-day programs, study groups or student research centers. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, there are opportunities to make your school's STEM activities visible. Apply with your schools, for seals and awards and give the MINT education program FIRST LEGO League on the credit side.

In Austria, the issue of STEM seals of approval is the responsibility of an initiative consisting of the Ministry of Education, the Federation of Austrian Industries and other players from the education sector. Educational institutions can apply every fall and are awarded the seal for 3 years. More at:

In Switzerland, the National Academy of Sciences awards a label every 2 years to high schools that are particularly dedicated to STEM education. More

In Germany, too, the aim is to make schools' STEM activities visible. For a good summary of what initiatives exist, see Schools can apply for the MINT Excellence Initiative awards and/or submit an application for the STEM Friendly School signet. FIRST LEGO League is listed in the STEM Friendly Activities Catalog and applications are open until May 2023.

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