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Review Kickoff Sage funding

by Stefanie Sieber

As part of our joint support program for primary and secondary schools, we are able to enable numerous students from the Leipzig region to participate in the educational program with the support of the SAGE Foundation. At the end of August, we were guests at SAGE in Leipzig for the kickoff of our joint support program. A short film review on our You Tube Channel shows how we prepared teachers from Leipzig and the surrounding area for participation in FIRST LEGO League 2022/23.

In addition to an introduction to the educational program, the teachers received intensive robotics training for LEGO Spike Prime or Spike Essential. SAGE employees were also able to learn about FIRST LEGO League so they can volunteer at regional competitions and mentor teams and classes in the future.

We have set up additional sponsorship programs with other partners for the current season. In particular, new and/or disadvantaged teams can receive funding for competition materials and, in some cases, robotics kits. Feel free to check out our funding opportunities and feel free to share this info!

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