Saison Updates

Challenge Updates and Clarifications (Oct 26)

by Stefanie Sieber

In October, clarifications were added again concerning the Robot Game, e.g. on the handling of things in the Homezones and on match preparation. At the top of the most recent version of the document "Challenge Updates & Clarifications" from Oct 26 2022, which you can also find on the Season Update page, is a summary of which regulations are affected or new.

Check it regularly and you will always be up to date with the official and binding rules of the SUPERPOWERED season. The clarifications clarify existing rules and task texts. The updates bring new regulations into the rules. If you have further questions about the current season for Challenge or Explore, take a look at the FAQ section to find answers to questions that others have already had. If you don't know what to do, contact our FIRST LEGO League team by email at or drop by the monthly Open Question Time.


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