Saison Updates

Challenge Updates and Clarifications

by Joseph Rothmaler

For the SUPERPOWERED season, just like in prior seasons, there are already first Challenge Updates and Clarifications for Robot-Game available. These are official corrections, clarifications and extensions to missions and rules, which are binding and will therefore apply to all regional tournaments.

For you to be able to always find these updates in on place, we provide the Challenge Updates and Clarification in a singular "evolving" PDF file, with the most current version available up top on the Season Updates website.

With each Season Update published on every 1st Tuesday of the month, you will receive an overview of missions and rules that have been modified and the type of modification. During the last weeks, the added modifications were:

  • Mission 07: Correction of building instructions;
  • New rule: Combining with a mission model;
  • Rule During the Match | Inside Home: Clarification on robot handling;
  • Mission 02 Oil Platform: Clarification on positioning of fuel truck;
  • Rule Match Setup: Clarification on positioning of technicians at the field;
  • Mission 05 Smart Grid: Clarification on bonus points;
  • Missions 03, 08, 12, 14 & 15: Clarification on equipment touching units;
  • Rule Field Setup: Clarification on Water Reservoir red hooks
  • Rule Field Setup: Clarification on labelling of Water Reservoir frame.

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