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Here you will find the tasks and submission of the winners from previous seasons!


Off-Season Mission 2021/22

This was the Mission...

The ice fairy Robinia and her friend the ice troll Knirschbert need your help!

Robinia, the ice fairy, and the ice troll Knirschbert normally live in Polaria, where it is always cold and the most beautiful snow flower Eisigschön can be found. One day Robinia and Knirschbert set off from her palace Bigluria to the edge of Polaria to find Eisigschön. When they arrive, they see one of these rare flowers standing on the shore. Just as they both run to the flower, the ice breaks with a loud crack and they drift off towards Hotensiania, the eternally warm island. Now only Fröstelwind can help. It is the fastest and strongest creature in Polaria. Unfortunately, the great snoring whale has fallen asleep directly between Polaria and Hotensia and is blocking the way. It snores so much that high waves even form, hitting the coasts of Polaria and Hotensiania at the same time. Will Fröstelwind manage to save Robinia and Knischbert before they melt? How will Fröstelwind manage to surmount the snoring whale? A difficult and dangerous journey lies ahead of him, and we believe that he can only make it with your help. Solve the tasks and help him:

Your tasks are as follows:

  • How do you imagine Robinia and Knirschbert? Draw them and put them on the playing mat.
  • Think about how Fröstelwind could save them. (Fröstelwind is the robot)
  • What could the snoring whale look like? Draw the whale and place it on the playing mat between Hotensiania (area with palm trees) and Polaria (area with snow).
  • Think of a solution for how Fröstelwind surmount the whale. Remember, Fröstelwind can do anything, but he needs your help to make it.
  • Create a poster with pictures of Robinia, Knirschbert, Fröstelwind, and the Snoring Whale. Explain what is special about them.
  • Send us a short video of Robinia and Knischbert being rescued by Fröstelwind. Introduce us to your characters and show us Fröstelwind in action.
  • Maybe you would also like to build Robinia and Knischbert's home, Bigluria?

Please save Robinia and Knirschbert from the thaw. You and Fröstelwind can do it!

Congratulations to the Winners!

For their outstanding creative ideas for the Off-Season Mission and their amazing realization, the first-placed team will be awarded the season participation fee and costs of the SUPERPOWERED Explore Set, while the second place receives the participation fee of the current season and the third-ranked team gets a LEGO suprise package!

1st Place: Rainbow Teenies:

2nd Place: Legobaurus:

3rd Place: The Future Builders:

Off-Season Challenge 2021/22

This was the Challenge...


Marco is 9 years old and has previously successfully participated in FIRST LEGO League Explore with his team Magic Movers. Now, for the first time, his team takes part in the regional tournament in Hamburg. Afterwards, they will fly to Houston, Texas in the US to witness the global FIRST Championship. Marco is in a wheelchair and, unfortunately, accessibility is neither given in everyday life nor on his route to the tournaments.

Therefore, Marco is counting on your help!

On the one hand, he needs a new wheelchair that is that is fast, easy and safe to transport. On the other hand, he requires a means of transportion that takes him to the points of departure for his journey. He will travel by train to the regional tournament, and by ship to Houston, but the team’s luggage will be transferred to Houston by plane. Your help is needed for Marco and his team to participate in the regional tournament in Hamburg as well as manage their journey to Houston to celebrate an unforgettable FIRST LEGO League party!


Your missions are as followed:

Create a wheelchair from the parts of the trucks included in the mission models of the CARGO CONNECT season. Let your creativity flow to construct a wheelchair that is fast, easy and safe to transport Marco in.

Look for a LEGO mini figure for Marco and place it in the wheelchair.

Build and code a robot that can autonomously fulfill the following tasks on the CARGO CONNECT playing field - in parentheses, you will find the numbers of the included mission models on the mat. Please film your robot while performing the tasks (include as much action and creativity as you like, provided that the robot’s actions at the points of travel are clearly visible! Feel free to include background music as well!):

  1. Starting from home, let the robot pick up Marco in his wheelchair at his doorstep (M11) and transfer him to the train (M09), located on the tracks all the way north (start with repaired tracks, i.e. all tracks resting down). Let Jakob start his journey with the train, i.e. have the train roll all the way to the south of the tracks.
  2. Afterwards, the robot returns home.
  3. Starting from home, pick Marco back up from the train and bring him back home (to his doorstep) in order to do is laundry and change clothes (if you like, you can actually swap Marco’s outfit during this step!)
  4. The robot returns to home again.

Now, the journey to Houston begins:

  1. Again starting from home, the robot picks up Marco at his doorstep and brings him to the west deck of the ship (M07). You might notice the rough seas that day making the ship reel from side to side. As soon as Marco has been boarded safely in his wheelchair, you can say goodbye for his journey to Houston!
  2. Pick up the team’s luggage at the school (the luggage is a container in the sorting center M10 in a shelf and bay of your choice!) and transfer it to the area in front of the plane (M03). There, it will be received and boarded by ground personnel (i.e. you do not have to load it onto the plane with your robot!).
  3. Then, the robot returns home and has completed its missions – Hooray!

In Houston, Marco gets to experience the FIRST Championship and is amazed. Beside the tournament itself he has tons of fun at the closing party. He celebrates with his friends and dances to the music.

Create a short stop-motion movie of 30 seconds max., showing Marco celebrating with FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams from around the world – so feel free to include further LEGO mini figures in the party! (To this end, you can use an app like “Stop Motion Studio” for Android or iOS/iPadOS. Even the basic version enables you to combine moving pictures and music into a cool movie. However, you may use any other app or tool for this purpose).

Please make sure that…

... Marco and his wheelchair are transported safely, meaning that they may not fall of the robot or any other means of transportation.

… you create a combined video of Marco’s journey (on the playing field) and the closing party in Houston as the grande finale. The video should not exceed a length of 5 minutes.


Research: Elevator Pitch

Imagine you are getting onto an elevator and run into important decision makers. The only time you have to convince them of your idea is during this ride.

Send us a video of you summarizing the most important key points of your research project in a maximum of 30 seconds and convincingly present your innovative solution!

Teamwork: inspire others!

FIRST LEGO League thrives on teams helping and inspiring each other. For example, the following ideas might help you inspire other children and youth to join FIRST LEGO League:

  • Design a poster or leaflet to advertize the research and robotics tournament in your own way. Send us a picture of your poster or leaflet in the location you hung it up or distributed it.
  • Post a testimonial on your FIRST LEGO League Challenge experience through your team's social media pages (if available) and use the hashtags
  • #cargoconnect, #firstlegoleague und #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork in the process. Mention HANDS on TECHNOLOGY in your post (on Twitter using @HANDS_on_TECH; on Instagram: @handsontechnology; on YouTube:
  • Tell another school or class about FIRST LEGO League and inspire them to join next season. Send us a video of your video conference.
  • Is FIRST LEGO League Challenge already represented on your school's website? If this is not the case, commit to having your team's activities mentioned on a page and provide us with the link!

Feel free to share your submission videos on all social media channels using the hashtag #offseasonFLL if you have permission from all team members!

Congratulations to the Winners: Team ESOR!

For their amazing realization of the Off-Season Challenge, the team will be awarded the season participation fee as well as the SUPERPOWERED Challenge Set.


Research: Elevator Pitch

Teamwork: Inspire others!

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