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FLL Fulda [de]



Hochschule Fulda

Hochschule Fulda
MINTmachClub Fulda
Leipziger Str. 123
D-36037 Fulda

Prof. Dr. Sascha Skorupka & Sandra Blum & Corina Winn

Prof. Dr. Sascha Skorupka
E-Mail: Sascha.Skorupka@he.hs-fulda.de

Sandra Blum
E-Mail: sandra.blum@verw.hs-fulda.de
Tel.: 0661 9640 9163

E-Mail: Corina.Winn@verw.hs-fulda.de
Tel.: 0661 9640 9355

  • The evaluation "Research" is public.

    The registration for this tournament is already closed because the maximum number of teams has been reached. FLL Teams can subscribefor surrounding tournaments.


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In der Region Fulda werden von der Hochschule Fulda die Anmeldegebühr in Höhe von 135,00€ und das Spielfeld in Höhe von 129,00€ zzgl. Versand für alle Schulen übernommen.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie vom Regionalpartner Prof. Dr. Sascha Skorupka.

Qualification & Tournaments Dates

How many teams qualify from regional FLL Tournaments to which Semi Finals and to the FLL Final Central Europe varies and is depending on the size and place of the tournament. The detailed breakdown can be found after the registration is closed (Oct 14th, 2016).