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FLL Esslingen [de]



TechnologieCenter der FESTO AG in Berkheim

Festo Didactic SE
Ruiter Straße 82
73734 Esslingen

Dr. Reinhard Pittschellis

Festo Didactic SE
Rechbergstr. 3
D-73770 Denkendorf

E-Mail: pitt@festo.com

  • The evaluation "Research" is public.

    The registration for this tournament is already closed because the maximum number of teams has been reached. FLL Teams can subscribefor surrounding tournaments.


  • Anfahrt_FestoAG_Berkheim   PDF
  • Aufstellungsplan_Teams im Atrium_2_Lego_League_10_12_2016   PDF
  • Besucherinfo First Lego League _10_12_2016   PDF
  • FLL_2016_Wettbewerbsinfos in Kuerze   PDF
  • Information Teilnehmer und Coaches_Stand 09_11_2016   PDF
  • Lageplan_Eingang_Gebäude_First Lego League Regionalwettbewerb Esslingen_10_12_2016   PDF
  • Zeitplan_Regionalwettbewerb_10_Dezember_2016   PDF

Qualification & Tournaments Dates

How many teams qualify from regional FLL Tournaments to which Semi Finals and to the FLL Final Central Europe varies and is depending on the size and place of the tournament. The detailed breakdown can be found after the registration is closed (Oct 14th, 2016).